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Interested to see what kinda Lust teams to come up with also, her last trait is interesting


The legendary trait possibly, the others are simply free start mana for you, nothing unreliable about it, you get to make your turn after it. Quite powerful non legendary traits if you ask me.


You could have perfect 4/5 gem match, startup skull match, or perfect condition for empowered converter at the start, and those free explode might destroy it. But I guess it could create new ones as well (like free skull attack at start!), and on 4x speed, I think it’s quiet hard to notice anyway. Also bringing full 4 kingdom team of these troops could explode half the board even before the game start!

On Sloth, a team like Sloth/3x Yao Guai could be deadly by keep draining enemies. You basically got more niche/faster version of Famine. Powerful on offense, quite annoying on defense if you don’t counter it properly.

Another P.S. I’m still confused about spider anatomy of that mythic, where is its head exactly? And what part of it even look Divine? Slapping divine tag on it is a troll attempt at this point. Or there is a hidden lore reason?!


Yeah that’s how i take it. The starting board is random either way with or without the explosion. Sometimes the explosion will mess up fantastic starting constellations and sometimes it will create those, in the end random start board stays random and it won’t change anything quantitatively but always give you some extra starting mana + a chance to even give big amounts of starting mana via cascades, which is crucial in the current quickstart meta, a meta path we continue to lean into btw.

As for the Divine madness, i always like to think of King Kong in GoW. Original Kong was very obviously equal parts a beast, a monster and a giant. But he was also worshipped by like a handful of primitive tribesmen on that small Island so clearly he would end up as a Divine in GoW before any of those other 3 trooptypes :stuck_out_tongue:


Sacred Cow spell:

Drain 50 gems and change the player’s hero class to a random one.


The thing I’m wondering about exploding a single gem at the start of the match is if an extra turn is granted if when it is used on the enemy team and cascades into a blob, similar to how the glitch where your turn is taken by the enemy if you swipe a 4 match while enemy triaits are still triggering.


Good point, also an enemy team with one of those traits should effectively feed you mana at match start, which is kind of weird tbh.


it should be the strongest invasion troop ever.


lol yeah it should but, it probably won’t


Perhaps the explode-on-first-turn trait on the AI team should/would/might trigger on the start of the AI’s first turn?


Perhaps :slight_smile:


That would be less awkward, but the wording “at the start of battle” seems pretty definite.


We are currently scheduling our rotating weekend events now that we have new hero classes. More on this soon. :slight_smile:


Something like Class Event-Vault Event-Class Event-Bounty Event?


I’m betting on bounty every 4 weeks and class/vault events every 8 weeks. :frowning: So an event every 2 weeks.


Hi all,
Wanted to update the spoiler community on a new feature for the SoulForge History page. The page now shows the cycles the Legendary and Mythics are in. This will help you predict when a card might come out (especially towards the end of the cycle).

Special thanks to all the people that participated in this forum thread:


Hey the devs stole my idea about the sins troops :stuck_out_tongue:


Some news about that? :slight_smile:


Some new spoilers just came down… :slight_smile:

48 changes to troops.
13 changes to the weapons.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


It sounds that we got 4 troops from one new kingdom (K36) and 4 others from another new kingdom (K37) :slight_smile: .
That reminds of the new banners that you found some time ago. One was an eye which fits K36 troops :wink: .