(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 2)

egris with 2 finesse is the new todd with 2 perseverance, great for ToD because of the scaling damage. Was hoping it was yellow/stryx, glad it is.


pq3 pvp is coming and im not happy

You killed an enemy in a single shot

Received 8 or more extra moves

Won in 2 turns or less

Win 5 Battles in this region for bonus Silver Marks.

I don’t play PQ3 so I’m not familiar. What don’t you like about it?

pq3 have 3 leagues

1st league,any color and any weapon
2nd league, yellow color and any yellow weapon
3rd league,blue color and blue sword or spear weapon
(color and weapon change every week)
30 matches every day,10+10+10
need 10 win a row and one hit to having maximum points,lose match multi points going to zero and need again 10 win a row
to promotion next league needed 2 weeks with maximum points every day.

we definitely have to think that they are 2 different games with different mechanisms, in pq3 you have a character that attacks another, while in gow we have 4 cards that attack 4 other cards

I hope they don’t replace the new pvp with what we have now and just have both together


Thank you for the rundown. Since it seems to be happening, I agree it would be nice if it were an addition rather than a replacement.

cue suspenseful music from Jaws… :joy:

okay, now I’m just having fun with you @Kelana :heart_eyes:

:heart: Anam Cara :heart:

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Eep, eep, alas, alack!

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As time has passed, the two games have become quite close to each other.

For example, the 2.4 patch notes for PQ3 just released and they are importing Shrines and Headstart Boosters from GoW into PQ3.

Regarding PvP, if GoW required PvP to be played with the hero on each side and rolled up the stats of the other 3 cards into the hero’s stats on both sides as 1 v 1 (while still having access to those cards’ spells), you would end up with roughly the same PvP system.

For context: Jeto just posted some of the new PvP league scoring bonuses coming with the update there. Some of the bonuses make no sense here in GoW (such as the match 9s, heroic effort = earn a treasure map from combos in a single turn in GoW, no Ultimate spells in GoW, etc.). Just an idea of things how the devs might add new scoring methods to league PvP in GoW.


Ah. How to save money on development costs: deliver the same update to both games.

Just gotta make both games the same first.


Don’t they look too “non-Krystaran”? Electricity, English texts here and there. Nobody cares?..

Well, the electricity and modern/steampunk vibe wouldn’t seem too out-of-place to me if you stuck it with Adana. Adana being “the Kingdom of Progress” (or whatever the precise nomenclature is) after all.

I do get a vibe that’s something of a cross between Circus Electrique and Darkest Dungeon, though.

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An invite to lore discussion? :star_struck:

Electricity is normal enough, because of Adana. There seems to be at least 3 main power systems there, the classic steam engine, Edison’s direct current, and Tesla’s alternating current. It’s possible other kingdoms are adapting it.

Still, the troops didn’t seem to fit in with Krystaran, but then, they kinda is not one yet right now, with Mydnight lore.

Light spoiler ahead : Mydnight was a city lost in time, cursed by Khronos to be trapped in pocket dimension, only appearing every century, in different location. It’s only at the end of the campaign that the curse was broken, and Mydnight got a permanent location.

So unlike Hellcrag and Vulpacea, which is always there but hidden somehow, this one might be more complicated, involving alternative universes, like Nexus’ lore.

And it’s possible that alternative universe is our Earth, as Mydnight have some Gothic and Victorian period element, with fantasy daemon corruption. Time traveling might be part of it too somehow. Maybe this wandering circus was even on Earth at some point, which would explain some English words here like ticket, popcorn, and candy.

More will become clear with Mydnight’s questline, and its own faction story. I didn’t expect it will explain everything clearly though, like we might never understand why Khronos cursed this kingdom in the first place.

Or… I just make up crap to explain away art errors. :rofl:


Solarithus. cough cough.

as a reference:

Is 2 mana savings worth a lot less damage and a less damage focused 3rd trait? I’m not high on these troops personally. Unlike Giant Gems, you’re setting up a full board explode misfiring Dragon Gems converting a color to dragon gems of the same color. … yeah… uh… I’m not liking these at all. They’re not bosses, so that might be an upside.

Skellarix is a lot more interesting, since it makes 3 Elemental Stars and 3 Umbral Stars. Idon’t think it’s good still, since 3 of each is too low to be reliable and 1.3x magic instead of 2x magic is sad.

another empowered to deal with in the future. Draxxius is also also Brown to Skulls, but is Blue/Purple.

I hope there’s not 52 of these things…

Feeds into itself like Alderfather, Divine Ishbaala and is a blue troop, which is a rarity. Terror is an annoying 3rd trait and it also inflicts terror on cast. Seems very strong… though Terror doesn’t actually do anything if they don’t get their turn back :thinking:

Why is a Red/Blue troop so focused on Purple synergies which does it nothing? :thinking:

Did anyone want an Elemaugrim that skips team synergy gimmicks for random gem spawn numbers? … 3rd trait will make it stronger, but random gem generator is a bit of a deal breaker.

December mythic. seems absolutely terrible to me. Spell effect stuns and knocks them to the back, but has a trait that needs a stunned enemy to stay in the front. Ok then. A player can pretend this troop is good by using The Wild Queen and The Wild King on the same team, but don’t let them fool you. Those 2 other mythics can easily win without Caprichor.


Interesting… They’re both almost good/busted, but… 15 gem mix isn’t the greatest unless that extra turn triggers, and an enemy dying to convert isnt super reliable… into a non-guaranteed conversion that could just give the AI multiple extra turns.

Lv 1: Hunt
Lv 5: Dark Hunger maybe? all 3 aren’t amazing
Lv 10: Plaguebearer/Shadows’ Call. I’d go Plaguebearer though
Lv 20: Dusk’s Aura/Backup. Dusk’s Aura is my pick for offense.
Lv 40: Stealthy
Lv 70: Dodge is best, but Dark Venom for a purple synergy team otherwise and Delirium if you’re fighting someone with Bleed/Poison
Lv 100: Rising Shadows

There’s so many other purple based classes, I dont know if this is going to do anything. Mystics is a specific subset and Purple Mystics is hyper narrow on troop choices… Oddly enough, this Mystic class doesn’t get the Arcane tree with the lv 100 mystic talent.

Between Archmagus, Thief, Orbweaver, Sorcerer, Necromancer, Assassin etc… do I need this class?

I guess if there’s some oddly specific fringe case where I’m using a purple hero weapon or a purple generator and a hero weapon as a primary win condition where a few extra magic matching purple gems can make a difference… I can think of one, but… wtf.

They’re cooking something. PvP shop? Top 3 in the league reward?


Temporal Scythe looks like the new Wild Orb

Solarithus is the inevitably the one we will all get multiple copies of

Caprichor… sigh. Tank mythics. Why? So much mana for so little value.

Would be nice to have Stellarix in Nexus and Solarithus in Adana. At least give them some synergies with kingdom troops…

Looks like the books of deeds bottleneck may be loosening… We’ll see by how much


Or it might be tightening, as in its grip on our wallet. I’d like to see the price tag and level of commitment before even considering to feel optimistic about it.


Regarding Solarithus and its’ spell? That’s something we see when an upcoming troop has a spell whose name is identical to the name of a spell on an already existing troop. (In this case, S.O.L.A.R.) Which means the database pulls the spell information from the already existing troop; the developers ought to fix that at some point, but I’m not holding my breath for that until somebody double-checks things. This isn’t anywhere close to the first time this has happened, however, and it is something that they’ve always caught and corrected pre-release in the past.

As for Caprichor? Wouldn’t the “boost my Attack, Armor, Life” part of the spell make more sense for a Tauros, since that’s really their thing? Not that it mattered when I asked this question for Bile Blackheart, but still…

And the Midnight Queen and double conversion? You can add Qilin to the list of double converters who can refill themselves.

I really thought that the new Night Weaver class was going to give a half mana start to mystics as the final trait. Extra magic is powerful, but we have the gem dragons and the future astral dragons for that.

There could have been some new compositions that could have been powerful with a faster start. (Beetrix with Daisy’s cudgel, even the upcoming campaign mythic comes to mind)

This class definitely feels like a mix of the Assassin and Corsair, and am interested to see if has hidden potential.


Has anyone already determined which of the 4 Purple ‘magic’ kingdoms will hit level 30 first?
And would they care to share that info :smile: ?