(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 2)

I’m already not looking forward to all the Defense teams/GW teams that are going to be using this Empowered skull converter that ALSO does Hunter’s Mark on first troop. And it’s an Epic troop to boot, but I can see it being one of the more powerful ones coming along.

Also, I’m embarrassingly excited to see that there is a “Clam Monster” coming down the pike. I can’t help but imagine the silliest art ever where it’s a human with a giant clam for a head.


new warbands incoming ?
I bet this one
will be linked to 3096 (mech)

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Ugh, haven’t seen any discussion on it, but the next astrological mythic (Leio) is another DOA dud. Bad art, terrible spell, even worse trait. Like I’m pretty sure there are several Epic troops with similar spells. The damage should be boosted by armor, at least that might actually be lethal to something.

And this is a super nerdy nitpick, but why is Stheno an Epic for Bright Forest. She’s the sister of Medusa and Euryali (Euryale), she should be a Mist of Scales troop, even if she’s not a Mythic.

Leio is probably one of the most boring if not THE most boring troop that scales damage/effects in the game. Its not horrifically awful, but that’s just not a mythic troop in the slightest.

I think the worst part is that its from Pridelands, so you see Ubastet, you see Umenath, then you see… that thing.

Its kinda sad.

Ahries (Brown)
Leio (Yellow)
Piscea (Blue)
Tauraeus (Red)
The Gemini (Purple)

Of the 5 so far, only Piscea is halfway decent. If they’re trying to make a point with these mythics, I don’t get it.

Ref. Leio: there’s always the hope that GOWprogramming or GOWgrammar may be at play, and the damage part of the spell is also boosted by enemy magic :thinking: :crossed_fingers: :vulcan_salute:

I think the spell damage will be boosted as well, but even then a Mythic “Sacred Guardian” is just… boring.


They really need to stop simply slapping the “mythic” label on troops and actually come up with troops that are viable and worth the resources to obtain them.

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I was wondering about that too.

All 3 sisters are Naga. Medusa have Monster subtype, while Euryali have Divine instead, probably because all Naga in Mist of Scales consider her a god to worship. Her backstory might be retcon a bit now though. Medusa is almost implied to be be Euryali’s mom, not sister.

Undine/Poseidon reference lead me to research a bit into Greek mythology, and found out about 3 Gorgons; Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa. I didn’t know the connection before. So they’re all accurately represent in the game now. :astonished:

Maybe Stheno having a Fey subtype might have something to do with that? She is also the only one of the sister to not have snake hair. Maybe she left her home, learn fey magic in exchange of her Mythic power, and become Bright Forest resident?

Also, spoiler alert for next Campaign story, all 3 sisters were born in cave, like in a mythology, which later become Hellcrag. Medusa is even fought there in the Campaign’s final week. So technically, Medusa should actually be Hellcrag troop instead of Mist of Scales.

I like how Medusa story is deeply connected to Hellcrag history. But for artwork, I agree Medusa is right where she belong. I will give Stheno a pass for above reason in my head canon. :laughing:

As for heroic gems, they doesn’t seem to be a new one for next campaign. With heavy focus on turning-to-stone, stone blocks might start falling instead? That would be quite annoying.

Also, some sneaky info were added for the Campaign after already. The name is The Prismatic Key, with heavy focus on crystal and light. So I assume there might be a new heroic gem based on reflect status?

Strength also seems to be the next tarot in line, probably connect to the campaign.

When matched, Giant Gems will give you an extra 5 mana and explode.

If I had to put Gems of War Gold on any prediction, this is likely to be the next heroic gem (first mentioned May 24th, also referenced on June 3rd).

On June 3rd, they had only just “finalized” the campaign text and called the artifact The Prismatic Key for the next campaign with Hellcrag.

Hellcrag prediction!

There is supposed to Raid Boss on 2nd week, but no Epic troop for that at all.

A lot of way to go with that. Easiest would be to demote Legendary Adakite to Epic. Exclusive Legendary on second week of new kingdom is strange anyway.

But if they want that, either Xenith or Chalcedony will be demote and delay for a week instead. Or there is only 3 troops in Kingdom Pass instead of 4, getting Eternal Sentinel out to be a Godslayer.

Also, as Tourmaline will take the Mythic schedule, it seems Cancer and Virgo might need to wait for next year. Why…? :sweat_smile:

Nope! Hellcrag debut campaign’s name is known for a long time already with the Minidusa’s pet info - The Hellcrag Monument Campaign.

Don’t know why it’s counted as collectable powerful artifact. It’s a giant unmovable monument, likely to celebrate Hellcrag Kingdom returning to Krystara’s history, after everything turning to stone and was forgotten for so long. I’m curious to see more Hellcrag’s original citizen beside invading Daemons, as I don’t think they’re all Naga. That could be their plan for upcoming troops!

Also, Giant Gem’s info is removed, along with 2 Legend Reborn achievements, so I don’t know what to think of them now.


Oh man, I’ve really not been paying enough attention to spoilers lately. How did we all not lament that the latest legendary troop shares a third trait with a hero? AGAIN. First Tauros mana start, now Lightstorm at start of turn. Really makes it obvious that they badly need to do a complete overhaul of the hero classes, both traits and talents.

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Oh Ive definitely noticed and thought disappointedly, but Ive given up on their quality control to comment. They win. If you count that winning.

We still haven’t got a perma Brown or Green storm yet either.

and don’t get me started on their wording for the storm 3rd traits

“Create a Darkstorm at the start of every turn.”
“Create a Firestorm at the start of every turn.”
“Create an Icestorm at the start of every turn.”

“Conjure a Starstorm at the start of my turn.”

“Conjure a Lightstorm when my turn begins.”
“Conjure a Lavastorm when my turn begins.”
“Conjure an Electrostorm when my turn begins.”

“Conjure a Madness Storm when my turn begins.”


It wasn’t that long ago that Devs mentioned something about ‘balance issues’ on brown. I forget what it was, (could be more interested and look it up I suppose) but it got commented on as to why. We are in need of the perma brown or perma green storm, or even a brown/green storm mix, but for some reason it seems like it’s not happening. Maybe to do with Venoxia and Queen Beetrix I would guess…

To me, the balance issues are actually in the opposite direction, we have possibly too many empowered converters on certain colours, and too few on brown. We also for some reason or other are completely hamstrung on brown in relation to ‘effective’ cleanse.

The lazy traits, the band traits, the mostly lethargic (majority useless) mythics, the plethora of ultra rare or epic troops with spell armour, summons on death and other stuff that always (and I mean always appear - See Horned Hag in Darkstone for example). A good barometer for me is the addition of the Troubadour troop to Pridelands with a starting yellow storm on a kingdom with another troop that gives a starting red storm. It seems to be more deliberate than actually working on things like duplicate traits or decent mythics or even decent epic/UR troops. We don’t need every troop to be great, but as more troops release, less troops are actually ‘useable’ and more troops have gimmicks and thwart progress.

It also was not that long ago that one of the Devs posted, either in a stream (!) or on here that they have ‘endless’ ideas for traits. I’d swap endless with a few ‘good’ traits and no duplicate traits. Essencia anyone?

I mean can it be that hard to allow Dragons (a lot of peoples vested favourites when first playing) in 2022 an effective half start vs an over reliance of every PVP opponent with empowered troops?

Hierophant → ‘Ancient Mysteries’ - why is this a 25% chance on turn for a positive effect, when a Hero class can grant 4 negative effects on matching 4/5 gems.

Let’s hope one of the new classes get’s cleanse 2 random allies on 4/5 matches or a ‘snap cleanse’.


Looking ahead at the specs for Hellcrag… do we really need another Red/Brown kingdom that’s going to drop Arcana Lava Stones? Three of them aren’t enough already when no other color combination has more than two?


I actually think that troops that give permanent storms (as opposed to only classes) give us more flexibility.

My question is, why do delve troops have jinx? Especially if the first trait is delve I my but the 3rd trait does nothing in delves.

It’s basically a 2-traits-troop nk matter in what context you use it.


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It also has Blue for Gem Mastery, which definitely feels like a new level of weirdness, given that it’s a Red/Brown kingdom. On the positive side this means we’ll finally getting a sixth kingdom that requires blue deeds instead of yet another brown one. I still wonder if this kingdom wasn’t originally supposed to be Red/Blue, with some unusual case of color blindness throwing a wrench into design plans.

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That “blue” seems a placeholder, but maybe (i hope too) will be like that

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Start of every turn is different than start of my turn, though. Theoretically of course.

Is it just me, or does the spell for the upcoming Herald of Torpor (Hellcrag / July 18) look identical to the spell for Oneiros (Divinion Fields, a few campaigns back)?

I’m sure it’s just a placeholder for another spell. They’re gonna change it to its designated spell once they have all the info :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5: :man_shrugging:t5: