A New Mythic Approaches - Euryali

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New Mythic Troop: Euryali

Many centuries ago, a special Naga child was hatched. She was half snake, half humanoid, like her mother, but she had the most wondrous set of wings. It was widely believed, though never confirmed, that the father was Undine, God of the Sea.

Her mother named her Euryali, and as she grew, it soon became apparent that she had an aptitude for magic far beyond most of her people. Sadly, because of both her power and her beauty, Euryali was feared by the Naga Queens. They stripped the beautiful feathers from her wings, and exiled her from her home. She travelled deep into the Mists, no longer able to fly, into the places even the Naga fear to slither, and there she learned many secrets including the dark powers of necromancy.

When Euryali returned, it was with a host of Undead Naga at her back. A fierce battle raged for many years, and although Euryali was defeated, her body was never found. Today, however, she has returned to the Mist of Scales, a true force to be reckoned with.

Please note this Troop is currently available on PC and Mobile only.

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Poor girl …


First 50 gem keys, no bamboozle I swear!


247 gem keys

after missing pretty much the past 8 mythics.


50 gem keys
45 disenchanted souls not needed
5 stones.

And no mythic like normal

108 Gem, 28 Glory and 30 VIP, nothing. But to be fair, it’s about time I missed a mythic. Gonna try guild chests later in the week when we hit 40k.


A bit less than 1k glory chests and 118 gem chests, and Euryali is mine =)

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Congrats, well done! :slight_smile: I had to spend 400 glory keys, about 300 gem keys and 80-90 VIP keys. Could be worse, at least I got her.


Wait, you tried to find Euryali in event chests?

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1700 glory keys and 230 gem keys, good luck guys!


50 ViP chest as usual :sunglasses:


4800 glory keys
1050 gem keys
320 guild keys

got her but this is one expensive mythic, i take back my ‘poor girl’ comment!

Yeah, it should only be available in glory, gem, guild and VIP.

She any good? Or won’t we know until poison is reworked?

Did we switch from Summer imp to Autumn imp ? Reports its in chest.

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Using her in GW right now, pretty decent true damage, even with only one naga.


i must have stolen somebodys luck…

got the mythic in 2nd 50-chest gem keys batch :grin:


I wonder the same. I still need 1 Autumn Imp to make him Mythic…

I didn’t notice any Imps in the chests I opened. 650 gem chests for me until this happened:

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Got her in 50 VIP keys… not that I will use her, until poison gets an overhaul… and more troops that synergise with poison… can hardly use Webspinner, it mana-blocks two of her three colours…

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Knowing my luck, I will probably find 1 if it is out there. :stuck_out_tongue:

It should be though; they said August / September, but there is a chance they forgot to update the drop pool.