(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 2)

Tbh, it wouldn’t surprise me if the third trait was a 50% mana start Constructs (similar to Titan’s Giant Lord). Or maybe a bonus on armor and/or a second stat for every 4-5 gem match.

Lots of new text today, but the only thing that caught my eye:

When matched, Giant Gems will give you an extra 5 mana and explode.


I see 7 more kingdoms and factions in spoilers. I hope the map of Krystara will grow.

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Oh great, more kingdoms to save Deeds for :roll_eyes:

Haha, but seriously, great to see some kind of new thing. Bit of a drought lately.

Taran’s has new troop graphics up, go check them out :smiley:


Somebody buy her a proper bra! If she moves an inch, those things are going to pop out.

A whole bunch of them look like first drafts, sketches for the troops, not sure I’m a fan of that. Maybe it’ll grow on me.


Guess she had enough of everyone turning to stone because they looked her in the eyes. :man_shrugging:


Is it possible that they’re not new kingdoms, but the placeholders for the “Deep Delve” maps?

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That’s an interesting thought, @Kezef, so I went to see if there was unique info we could look at on the kingdoms in Taran’s. Each one of the new kingdoms and factions listed has a set of map coordinates. I Control + F’d them on the All Kingdoms page and they all are unique map locations which seems to support the fact that they’ll have unique icon placement and won’t just be a part of existing Krystara and Underworld kingdoms. Granted this could be placeholder info, but considering each of them are totally unique, I wouldn’t bet on it.

I think this truly is indicative of expansion of kingdoms over the next year or two in the game. Or it could by foreshadowing the idea of an Overworld that keeps being kicked about/speculated on in the forums.

Seeing the description for Medusa (the mythic) and the Medusa’s Ring weapon having been added to the relevant spoilers pages? I have a feeling we’re going to have a campaign featuring “fun with stone blocks”.

Which – to me – isn’t really a whole lot of fun.

I also see two new delve maps - “Deep All-Seeing Eye” and “Deep Crypt Keepers”. And take another look at the first (“Deep ASE”) - it has 8 rooms also, hasn’t it? What kind of a delve is it then? Why not to make a normal delve with 9 rooms and fix that ancient mistake with ASE?

New Delve map for All-seeing Eye and Crypt Keeper!

Hall of Guardian doesn’t have one yet, only a troop.

And Gnome Room in Deep Delve is awesome! AI even bring Mana Potions to spice thing up!

Possible 9 new Hellcrag Weapons, same number as nexus.

And Geomancer’s class name is pretty much locked in now, as it’s already have class icon with “Classes_Geomancer” name.



Im gonna sound stupid asking this but… they’re not going to name the class Geomaner somehow, are they?

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I made a typo, sorry. :grimacing:

Also this…


If I Were a Rich Man

  • Collect 300 Kingdom currency in a single Legends Reborn event

Kingdom Crusher

  • Complete a Kingdom Story 5 times in a single Legends Reborn event

Broken Spire contents are probably connect to it! First there, and second at Adana. Both with an Ace Tarot.

With this much content, it probably be full week long like Journey, not just the weekend.

The question is, what kind of event have 2 Legendary troops and weapons each, 4 troops total? And how keep replaying Kingdom Story and collect Currency have anything to do with that?


Guessing based on the Achievements, you keep rerunning the story quests. Each time you complete it, you get x currency. You can use x currency to open up … idk, Kingdom chests? for randomized loot chance to get… whatever those rewards end up being. Legendary troops and weapons and stuff?

Im also guessing each loop gets harder and harder until it caps out at a some kind of difficulty, otherwise it’d be kinda absurd realistically for mid-game players to be locked out of the opportunity to participate. Unless, that also uses some kind of Medal of Pay to Win to increase damage output via some Event Gem Shop.


This sounds very suspiciously like the recently released Seasons mode over in PQ3.

Hard to say how much of it will be a 1-to-1 translation from PQ3 to GoW. As the mode currently is implemented in PQ3,

  • Seasons run for 8 weeks (Seasons are GoW Campaign equivalents in PQ3)
  • Season Story Mode is split up into chapters. Each chapter can run once at a given difficulty level. Chapter and difficulty releases are timelocked and spread out across the duration of the Season.
  • Beyond the one-time Story Mode runs, players get a number of sigils to play on additional Seasonal random battles to earn additional Season currency. Unlike Story Mode, higher difficulties can be chosen and playing on higher difficulties earns higher amounts of Season currency. Sigils refresh daily, just as in GoW.
  • Season battles are harder than normal battles of the same difficulty.
  • Season currency is spent on season-unique chests/lootboxes for Season-unique loot. In PQ3, there are three different chests/lootboxes, at different prices, that target different specific rewards.
  • Sigils are purchased with passes. There are three levels of passes (Free, Gold, Platinum). Free pass players have a chance of getting Season specific loot. Gold pass players have a high chance of pulling all of the Season specific loot (but not guaranteed). Platinum pass players are likely able to generate enough event currency to clean out the Season shop entirely.
  • Because sigils are tied to passes and not event shop tiers, sigils can only be purchased with real money and not through gems.

If a version of PQ3 Season mode is being implemented in GoW, it will be interesting to see how much of the Season content will be locked behind passes instead of event shop tiers. Also, sigils are handled differently in PQ3 than in GoW. Unlike GoW, where all purchased sigils are awarded immediately, purchased sigils in PQ3 are rationed out daily forcing players to play all sigils daily to avoid losing them.


I think “Kingdom Story” was capitalized because it’s a new thing separate from questline, I imagine something like Class Unlock quest, which removing the final dialogue, it make sense to be repeat over and over until you perfect it. Beside, they can show up more of their new comic-style dialogue in a story that was build for it.

I’m really hyped what next month’s Legend Reborn Update will bring. New Event is always exciting, as long as it doesn’t turn out to be boring like Journey.

We speculate that those 6 Epic troops with their own weapon and pet will be a part of it, but it turn out to be new player contents, just release immediately now without much fanfare. :sweat_smile:

I thought we will be back to zero again, but I’m glad we have the achievements to spark new speculations. I hope I don’t miss the target this time. Lol

So, time to repost this, and wish to be right. :grin:

Also, Deep Delve will be live in a few hours, yet nothing is changed about it.

I was kinda expect color limitation will change in Deep Delve, allowing more troops, especially Burning Ocularen, to be pickable. But nope! no change in Starting/Boss room enemies either. Minus Gnome, rewards are even the same, just as higher multiplier, although I know it’s asking too much for reward to be Deed Books. :sweat_smile:

At least change Watch Mother to be able to summon all All-Seeing Eye troops, damnit! At least Burning Ocularen will get to be a rare summon, instead of just collectable troop exiled from its own tribe.

Hm. You know what, we don’t have a Gnome for writs or deeds yet…


Are there any spoilers about some extra weapon which needs Forge Scrolls? Like those Cursebreakers. I’d like to be prepared to them well ahead.

don’t hand them “dumb ideas” on a silver platter, please. :frowning:

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Just return gems pictures to the graphics section, and nobody gets hurt.

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