(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Personally I’m jazzed about the new Daemon huntress. That was essentially the troop I wanted for the a Design-a-Troop contest. Between her and the robot dragon, I feel like the devs listened to us! :slight_smile: .#happycamper


Robot Dragon hype!

There are so many legendary dragons in this game… and the next kingdom isn’t helping with that. xD

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@Lyya, why is this a 404? :innocent:

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My bad, fixed.


Look who is sneaking around. Seems those rougues make it into chests early?
@Nimhain @Sirrian Not sure if you need to know this.

They know, and it’s intentional.


+1 wow reference.

Are next week’s troops hidden in blurry gray spoiler text somewhere? Wondering what the colors are.

19th is the Adana set I hope
26th is the Dragon city

Common Adana Mech
Kaboom! (10 Brown)
Explode 2 random Gems. Deal [Magic + 2] damage to all enemies, boosted by my Armor and destroy myself. [2:1]
(Mech Bond, Sturdy, Aflame)
MAX Attack:14 Life:14 Armor:24 Magic:4
Tick, tick, tick…

Ultra-Rare Adana Human
Gear Lock (13 Blue/Brown)
Give all allies 5 Armor. Summon either a Bombot, Flame Cannon or Tankbot 2000.
(Mech Bond, Human Bond, Fire Link)
MAX Attack:18 Life:22 Armor:18 Magic:14
I’m an Engeneer… Enginere… Enjineer… I’m good with math.

Legendary Adana Mech-Dragon
Disintegrate (17 Yellow/Purple)
Silence, Stun, and drain [Magic + 1] Mana from an enemy, with a 25% chance to destroy them.
(Mech Bond, Armored, Technomancy)
MAX Attack:17 Life:16 Armor:30 Magic:8
Draconic Robot Assistant, Courtesy Of Sparkgrinder…
Technomancy: Decrease a random Enemy’s Magic by 2 on 4 or 5 Gem matches.


Thanks, @Lyya.

Crikey. That many new troops? Console must be 15 troops further behind in the last week. Going to be tight catching up this year. @TaliaParks are you still tracking the troops that are to come?

That last characters 3rd trait. Should be quite annoying to face.

Lyya is always so helpful. :heart_eyes: She’s so dreamy.

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All these legendary troops dropping straight into event chests are stressing me out. At least I’ll be able to trait Korvash.


What is your experience with unlocking specific legendaries via event chests? Buying one lot of 50 more often than not suffice?

I thought that last one was being changed…

I seem to get one legendary per 50 on average. More often than not it ends up going 0 2 0 2 0 0 0 2 etc.

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The last one was changed. It used to be Impervious.

Yes I do.

And HOW APPROPRIATE that a new insta-kill mechanic is on a Troop that uses Yellow Mana…

It’s taken me 100 - 200 event chests to obtain these legends released during these 3 troop events.

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My experience is similar to @Shimrra’s - about 1 in 50 chests - but it won’t be the only Legendary in Adana. However as long as you have actual Event keys (much more since the update I presume :slight_smile:) I guess opening them in 10-batches is a better solution because of RNG - unless you aim for more than one copy. Or even opening one by one - although it will be pain that way I’m afraid.

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