(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

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Hm, I do see some new Khaziel art in that kingdom. I just want Adana more because they have 8 still.

Nim confirmed in global that Adana is not this week

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: For the excessive spoiler


I was wrong. Today’s update changed the release order, and Khaziel is indeed up next.

Ultra-Rare Khaziel Dwarf-Mystic
Stone Draught (12 Blue/Green)
Transform a selected Mana color to Brown. Cleanse all allies.
(Sturdy, Merchant, Stone Heart)
MAX Attack:13 Life:29 Armor:19 Magic:0
More than meets the eye…

Epic Khaziel Dwarf
Heroic Deeds (12 Blue/Yellow)
Deal [Magic + 3] damage to an enemy. If the enemy has higher Attack than me, deal triple damage.
(Dwarf Bond, Monster Slayer, Stoneskin)
MAX Attack:19 Life:26 Armor:17 Magic:9
We heard there’s a Dwarf shortage.


Shut Up And Take My Glory! Need all the swamp stones.

That flavor text on Apothecary though…

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Interesting… I can tell who they are meant to counter, but one of those could end up being universally stronger without being fully leveled and ascended.

The flavour text on the Epic is a direct response from the Devs.

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Oh the puns! :upside_down:

After I finally finish farming the last stones to get Mercy fully traited, Arcane Swamps will come the next week. Typical. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, there’s always Dracula to work on? :slight_smile:

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“Eternals” kingdom was renamed to "Guardians."
All the Guardians have received a rework. They all get boosted by status effects currently applied to the enemy team. Also, many of the unique traits have been adjusted.

Common Guardians Elemental-Construct
Fire Surge (13 Red)
Create 15 Gems, a mixture of Red and a chosen type. All other allies gain [Magic + 3] Attack, boosted by Burning enemies. [4x]
(Construct Bond, Frenzy, Virtue of Courage)
MAX Attack:24 Life:26 Armor:12 Magic:7
Courage mounteth with occasion.
Virtue of Courage: All allies gain 1 Attack and Life on Skull gem matches.

Common Guardians Elemental-Construct
Stone Surge (13 Brown)
Create 15 Gems, a mixture of Brown and a chosen type. All other allies gain [Magic + 3] Armor, boosted by Stunned enemies. [4x]
(Construct Bond, Stoneskin, Virtue of Honor)
MAX Attack:20 Life:19 Armor:27 Magic:7
If it be a sin to covet honor.
Virtue of Honor: Gain 10 to all Skills when playing a PVP battle.

Common Guardians Elemental-Construct
Air Surge (13 Yellow)
Create 15 Gems, a mixture of Yellow and a chosen type. All other allies gain [Magic + 2] to a random Skill, boosted by Silenced enemies. [4x]
(Construct Bond, Regeneration, Virtue of Humility)
MAX Attack:13 Life:43 Armor:17 Magic:7
Nothing so becomes a man as modest humility.
Virtue of Humility: All allies gain 2 Armor and Magic when I take damage.

Common Guardians Elemental-Construct
Ice Surge (13 Blue)
Create 15 Gems, a mixture of Blue and a chosen type. All other allies gain [(Magic / 2) + 1] Life and Attack, boosted by Frozen enemies. [4x]
(Construct Bond, Armored, Virtue of Justice)
MAX Attack:16 Life:17 Armor:37 Magic:10
Which is the justice, which is the thief.
Virtue of Justice: All allies gain 4 Attack and Armor when an enemy dies.

Common Guardians Elemental-Construct
Nature Surge (13 Green)
Create 15 Gems, a mixture of Green and a chosen type. All other allies gain [Magic + 3] Life, boosted by Entangled enemies. [4x]
(Construct Bond, Nature Spirit, Virtue of Loyalty)
MAX Attack:15 Life:39 Armor:17 Magic:7
To the last gasp, with truth and loyalty.
Virtue of Loyalty: All allies gain 2 Armor and Life when an ally casts a spell.

Common Guardians Elemental-Construct
Arcane Surge (13 Purple)
Create 15 Gems, a mixture of Purple and a chosen type. Kill the last ally. All other allies gain [(Magic / 2) + 1] Magic, boosted by Death Marked enemies. [4x]
(Construct Bond, Life Drain, Virtue of Sacrifice)
MAX Attack:16 Life:29 Armor:25 Magic:6
I’ll sacrifice the lamb that I do love To spite a raven’s heart within a dove.
Virtue of Sacrifice: All allies gain 2 Attack and Magic when an ally dies.


My nitpick-y grievance with that design pattern is…

[spoiler]There are more of certain statuses than others, i.e. most have 3-5 troops but burning is caused by 11 or so, including a team-wide attack from War and a potentially team-wide trait from Jarl. Also begs Sylvanimora’s trait be changed to a random enemy, somewhat.

At least poison didn’t make that list, a) there are loads of them and b) it doesn’t go away naturally.[/spoiler]

The stats I think look fine, the would-be lesser ones seem to have the better third traits.

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Don’t touch my salad dragon! Random Entangle would be sad :frowning: Besides, we already have Green Seer for that!


That isn’t spoiler tagged!!! /mock panic I’m just comparing to getting an easy team-wide stun off Khorvash or a team-wide burn off Jarl or a team-wide freeze off Mab, and then there’s Entangle …

Hold on why are we throwing spoiler tags around, the thread says Spoiler already…

Because I want to be very careful about any pre-release information I come across. Clicking the text isn’t hard and it provides one additional protection. But I agree that it’s not strictly needed in a “spoiler” thread.

Here is one quote from the devs on the matter. Depending on your interpretation of “and” in the last clause, the tags may or may not be necessary in a thread like this.

Protected by regular status

Haha my devour team will now be able to fill faster:

The Great Maw
Sand Shark
(New Troop)

Nom Nom! :dizzy_face:


Salad dragon would be cooler if the trait was “entangle the first troop that hasn’t already been entangled this turn”. But yeah, entangle the top troop is way better than random.

Whoa, some cool new stuff in today’s files. I personally cannot wait to Release the Kraken!