(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

A) That’s months away and (B) we have no clue what they intend. If they’re going to force me to use these underwhelming troops in order to win guild wars then I’m even more upset!

It’s not too much to ask for troops that are compelling in their own right and not just as a means to an end.

Regarding the above six troops: By “max” stats, does that mean as a common? As in, before ascension? I had thought that they were supposed to be extra beefy once you’ve got them totally maxed out. Those stats don’t look very Mythic to me…

Those are base stats. Factor in Kingdom Bonuses and soon Guild Bonuses and it’s a different story

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By way of comparison:

MAX Attack:16 Life:31 Armor:18 Magic:6

MAX Attack:18 Life:20 Armor:25 Magic:9

MAX Attack:18 Life:35 Armor:12 Magic:0

MAX Attack:21 Life:25 Armor:10 Magic:9

Is the mix of gem colors that the Guardians generate random? 14 gems but the mix of X and Y could be all X, all Y or anything in between?

Because if so, that’s kind of interesting. It seems like they’ve decided that gem spawners shouldn’t spawn more than, what, 8 gems? So this way creates at least a roll-the-dice possibility of exceeding the maximum.

By these numbers, the guardians’ max stats are not very good in comparison. They aren’t even good compared to commons’ max stats, as far as I can tell.

This wouldn’t normally be an issue, except we were promised they would scale much better than usual with ascensions. So either your numbers are wrong, or something else is wrong.

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Well, my numbers certainly are not final, but they come from the same source every other troop’s numbers come from, so unless they are accompanied by a mechanics change, they’re as accurate as anything else.

It should note that Sirrian’s preview would be showing the troop Justice at about half of the kingdoms at PL5.

What I’m curious is whether I can choose the same colour as the base one for the spell - e.g. create 14 Gems, a mixture of Brown and Brown using Honor. I guess no, but can anyone confirm/deny it?

You can’t choose the same color, but you CAN choose skulls, which can be a fun gamble

There’s a few things on the guardians not final… still debating here whether that 14 should be a 15. I’m edging towards 15, but @Nimhain likes 14. Also Sacrifice has had quite a few changes since this data got pulled.


Here’s the latest I have on Sacrifice:

Common Eternals Elemental-Construct
Arcane Surge (13 Purple)
Create 14 Gems, a mixture of Purple and a chosen type. Kill a random Ally. All other allies gain [(Magic / 2) + 2] Magic.
(Construct Bond, Life Drain, Virtue of Sacrifice)
MAX Attack:16 Life:29 Armor:25 Magic:2

So Magic gain now scales with half Magic, mana cost is increased by one, and all base stats except Magic are higher than my previous pull.


I hope you all are considering buffing the troops overall, both in terms of base stats and spells. Right now these are super underwhelming. Months worth of work as a Guild to get these very mediocre troops…

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We’ve moved on a little bit since then

We found that killing a targeted ally was too strong. 1:1 Magic Gain also felt too strong, especially with two of these guys on a team. Random ally felt too much like it relied on luck though, so we’re ditching that. Currently investigating fixing it on a position, like LAST ally. The main problem is how these guys (possibly x2) synergize really well with a Draakulis or Crimson Bat for the AoE true damage

We’d probably have redesigned him, except that he’s really fun to play with!

@Studs… they’re definitely not final, though… the ones you’ve likely seen here are missing a bunch of stats.


Ah, the foibles of data-mining.

Considering the current pull clearly still has numbers and mechanics in flux, I don’t think it makes much sense for me to go back and update the other Guardians now. I’ll wait for the update accompanying the 2.1 change.

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Could do something so that the stat boosted depended somehow on the troop sacrificed… Like add its stats one by one each to random allies… Like a team ‘devour’, including its magic… (So that’s an illustration, not a serious idea… Or is it…) :slight_smile:

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I thought the majority of players were against team devours so it got changed… :sob:

It’s that time again…

Only 3 kingdoms left with 8 troops: Adana, Glacial Peaks, and Leonis. So I’m guessing we get the 3 Adana troops tomorrow?

Oh please be Adana. They’ve been in the worst place since ever

Just don’t do Minor Fire. That would suck.


EDIT: Below information is inaccurate. The troops have been rescheduled for a later event.

Adana is another week away, I think.

This week is:

Epic Whitehelm Divine-Human
Rites of Faith (13 Red/Yellow)
Deal [Magic + 4] damage to an enemy, boosted by the number of Whitehelm allies. Gain Barrier. [5x]
(Divine Bond, Daemon Slayer, Air Spirit)
MAX Attack:19 Life:25 Armor:15 Magic:8

Common Whitehelm Human
Flagellate (7 Blue)
Place Death Mark on the first and last enemies. Take 5 damage.
(Cursed, Human Bond, Doom)
MAX Attack:14 Life:34 Armor:4 Magic:0


I tried that kingdom and didn’t get any graphics showing up (cycling through kingdom tabs like we did for others). Seeing three new ones in Adana though.

Not expecting a new kingdom?