(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Considering the results of the poll (and thanks go to everyone who took the time to vote), I’m posting next week’s spoiler without any form of concealment. If there’s an outcry, I’ll revert to the usual method.

The poll stays open for now, if anyone wants to add or change their vote.

This spoiler image is fan-made and UNOFFICIAL


Ultra-Rare / Forest of Thorns / Elemental Elf
Spell: Nature’s Growth (13 Green/Yellow) - Give an ally [Magic+1] Life and 2 Magic. Double the effect if ally is an Elemental.
Traits: Elemental Bond / Nature Pact - 25% chance to summon a Dryad on death. / Nature Spirit
Requires: Minor Nature, Arcane Light Traitstones
Max stats: Attack - 18; Life - 32; Armor - 6; Magic - 4 (When fully ascended and level 20)
Flavor Text: Maybe she’s born with it… Maybe it’s Elvelline.
Will arrive in 7 days (2017-03-20).


Ooh this troop gonna be very useful

OOO I like this troop MUCH better than the stupid bear this week.

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Could be interesting. Legendary elementals include all Imps and Jarl. Also All Guiardians are elementals as well. So 10 life (maybe up to 20 with kingdom bonuses, more if you have Green Allies and her third trait) and 2 Magic, or 20(40) Life and 4 Magic for Elementals, all for 13 Mana… could be very interesting. Also Summoning Dryad on death? :open_mouth:

i like her art so much! finally a decent smile :grin:

spell effect and traits are interesting and the flavor text is funny :smiley: would be my most favorite card if i was into survival troops instead of attackers :heart_eyes:


a guess based on connecting the clues:

  • new kingdom postponed to release along with new mechanic
  • monstercoughshield, holycoughshield and so on being added behind the courtains

this new stryx kinghdom will be quite protective :grin:

I think you are right :slight_smile:

This gives Forest of Thorns 3 healers. Not a complaint but an observation.Having one as an elemental though is a nice bonus. There are certain giant configs that could benefit greatly from this one.

Damn the mythic dragon is the troop I’m most looking forward too.


Same here. Going to try to save all my keys until then, although I’m not sure if I can be that disciplined. But I REALLY want it!


I bought a couple of things to get up to vip 5 so I can try vip chests to get it and I have been saving all my gems. I have been trying to save keys but I spent a lot of gem keys last week. From now until May I won’t be using a single gem or glory key.

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Nice… and well done @yonizaf

I don’t understand why this one would be Elemental type… more appropriate, and useful, to make her Fey Elf is she needs to be dual type?

Likewise the spell buff effect: wouldn’t it fit better to boost Fey…? She’s from FoT, she boosts plants and trees… but gains no synergy with Treant or Gloom Leaf, for example…? @sirrian @nimhain… (just sayin’)


A update has gone out, nothing new in images or anything, but possibly new data?

We just fixed the Monster Bond issue from yesterday


the mythic dwarf will be sad

Can confim 0.66 on android.

That mythic dwarf is already pretty sad if the spoilers about him are to be believed.

Controversial content

but i believe he will still stand smiling strong and firm, like Harold

You remove that name from your post this instant, missy!

We don’t want to attract, them.


You have doomed us, i hope you are happy.

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