(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

Whatever you do don’t say the name three times.




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Hey @lyya @yonizaf how about some spoilers quick?

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like what? Maybe ask for something specific.

Also you guys were practically begging for it.


Let’s talk about everyone’s favourite topic… the mythic dwarf!

Stonehammer - Mythic from Khaziel, Divine/Dwarf
Spell: Ancient Wrath (22 Brown/Blue/Yellow): Cause Burn and Stun to 3 random enemies. Gain [Magic + 1] Life.
Trait 1: Thick Head (Immunity to Stun.)
Trait 2: Warded (Immunity to Death Mark.)
Trait 3: Unbreakable (Reduce damage from Skulls by 80%.)
MAX Attack=14, Armor=18, Magic=6, Life=37

I only JUST now noticed the dwarfs name is Stonehammer… Does this mean we can expect other Krystaran gods? eg Yasmine (Forest of Thorns?), Morthani (Karakoth?), maybe Xathenos?


This guy looks incredibly unfun to play against. At least it is warded and not impervious?

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Very tanky, but not much offensive ability. Devour seems like the obvious way to deal with him. I couldn’t see myself using him…


22 tri-mana blocking at the front. 80% skull reduction isnt worth that much.


Still seems incredibly boring. Could at least burn and stun all enemies.

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And first stun them, then burn them all. Why? So those few troops who are imune to burning but not impervious would be burned.

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We kind of had that discussion in this thread already (link), and I’m pretty sure you were there.

Also Xathenos is not exactly a god, he’s a Liche Lord. And reportedly deader-than-dead, with only his hand and eye left after he was defeated and apparently exploded to nothing - so I’m not sure if he can make an appearance.


Also apart from the gaining life he could also heal himself to full before adding life, or gain attack and life too.
No tanks in the game are just tanking, they always have at least some other role. This guy just tanks nothing else. Give him attack gain! His a dwarf, they are known for their durability and strength.

He can always take a page out of Sauron’s book :stuck_out_tongue:

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… Apparently I was. I remember reading that now. I must need more coffee…

Where’s the lore about Xathenos from? I’m curious about more lore from the game, but haven’t run into anything outside of quests, and I don’t remember him being mentioned in any of them?

I believe the Xathenos lore is on old blog posts for the Eye of Xanthos and Withering Touch (both event weapons from the early days).

I’ve located the blog posts for anyone interested:


Heres a totaly crazy but potentially very cool idea about new mythic from khaziel.
Keep his lame ability. Keep his, well, not good first 2 traits. But make his unique third trait 100% damage reducatuon from skulls.

Then he would be a true tank without needing to do anything else. Now he is not a true tank and doesnt do anything additionaly.


Thanks Nim! Also it’s kinda cool seeing how the card art was back in the day.

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Now that is an effect worth blocking 3 colors.

Hey now! I should post him just cuz of that but vangor did already lol

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