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Spin Me Right ‘Round

Yes, it’s a bloody nuisance.

Instead of giving you the option to switch it off, or “don’t remind me for X hours/ battles”, it just doesn’t appear.

This can be incredibly annoying when you’ve done a few Event battles, then, eg switch to the Adventure Board because that’s the next challenge in the Campaign, so you swap to a different set of medals.

When you switch back to doing Event battles again, you don’t get a reminder and suddenly you find yourself fighting high level enemies without the Medal boost… :poop: :rage:


Some events just don’t need the event medals.


Hi Adventurers,

There has been some questions whether the Archproxy Yvendra’s mythic exclusivity applied to event chests as well. The answer is yes, mythic exclusive applies to Event chests when the new Mythic is from the weekly event Kingdom.

We try to keep new mythic releases away from events in their home kingdoms during this period. Unfortunately the timing of her release and this week’s event, meant it wasn’t possible.

When Archproxy Yvendra’s mythic exclusivity ends, the Arachnaean Weaver will become available as a potential mythic troop in Event chests.

This conflicts with what is said in game.

Note this does not list event chests.


They could just say “increases by x points” but someone just loooves players to do useless math, and to confuse players who would think that giving a percentage must mean it’s always a percentage of the previous battle because why otherwise give a percentage?

And yes, I know there are sometimes several battles having a percentage increase - so maybe at least write x% of the base points?

But you know what would be even better? Settle on a score system and stick to it.

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Every single piece of information available in writing to the players says you are wrong.

Own up to something for once. Stop telling us your errors are actually intended.


So I used almost 4k event keys trying to get a 2nd arachnean weaver and instead got 4 copies of the new mythic. Since there was no warning that arachnean weaver was not in event chests until Friday can I have my keys back? I will gladly surrender the 4 useless mythics that I did get.


Other than the ingame picture I shared earlier that contradicts this, here is a post from several years ago by a dev that says the new mythic is NOT the only mythic to drop from event chests.


If this was from several years ago, then it predates the situation of “two mythics from one kingdom” (Apocalypse excepted, since that is a different kettle of fish). Salty’s words very clearly mean that event keys will always give a mythic from the event kingdom, regardless of whether or not it is an exclusive week.

This is a different situation, and the devs have failed to anticipate community interest in the edge case that came up for the first time. Admonish them, justifiably, for that—especially since in-game information was at best misleading and at worst flat wrong.


I’m now in my fifth year of playing and a Mythic troop has NEVER been released during it’s event week. So if your hardcore players don’t know this asinine factoid. What hope does the rest of the community have?

Any other new Mythic event weeks event chests are the only place you can find other mythic troops.
So it would actually make more sense to only find Arachnaean Weaver rather than Archproxy Yvendra in event chests.

But when y’all constantly make up the rules as you go along. It’s hard to expect y’all to even know what the rules are supposed to be at this point.


Isolating this quote separate from my rant so someone from your staff can pinpoint “when” this HAS EVER happened before.


nowhere was it said about the keys of events… I spent 600-700 keys … People - 4,000 each …
on Friday we will be with 0 keys. kingdom wait again a year or more…

in normal games, if it is a developer’s mistake, they would suggest exchanging 1 myth for another.

And everyone would be happy.

They just wrote to wait for Friday (after what happened). will give 50 diamonds. if just do give.


Service on the verge of fantasy …

I suspect that a lot of things that can be fixed (or solved peacefully, for example, the exchange of myths that I suggested) do not do because they do not know how. They lack qualifications.
As well as scoring errors. at war …and many others …
put up with our lack qualifications…


Sorry for the English - I used the translator

Kafka, please, we’ve been there in the past. There is no possible way that players could have known Arachnean Weaver is not in event chests. Every single piece of official documentation on that matter says it’s supposed to show up, and there’s actually a lot of official documentation on this one.

Players have spent valuable resources to gamble on the jackpot that your event gasha doesn’t contain, contrary to what your documentation claims. Players have spent money to gamble on the jackpot that your event gasha doesn’t contain, contrary to what your documentation claims. This isn’t just a trust issue, this is not delivering the correct items purchased.

For once, please do the right thing. Don’t insist again on sweeping this under the carpet, don’t insist on making players jump through as many hoops as possible prior to fulfilling your part of the deal. I believe the least you are required to provide here is a rollback of event keys used, and I’d be surprised if you aren’t aware of this.

If it helps you to cut down on support effort we can collect a list of invite codes that want to go ahead with the event key rollback they are due. If it helps you to cut down even more on support effort we can collect a list of invite codes that are willing to exchange an Archproxy Yvendra for an Arachnean Weaver. “Sucks to be you” doesn’t feel like a reasonable approach, even if it’s just the first hoop.


Thank you. Yes I have seen several complaints, but mostly because the were complaining about not being reminded to equip other medals when not doing World Event fights

When was this changed? Do you know? And is there an official post?

It was changed in July i believe. In the 5.6 patch. The issue has come up couple times.

And no, i do not believe it was in the patch notes


Open a support ticket, insist that they roll back your event keys. Offer that you would consider the issue settled if they exchange one of the Archproxy Yvendra you pulled for an Arachnean Weaver. You’ll probably need to go several rounds, if they keep refusing be prepared to turn up the heat. Further steps depend on where you live and whether you purchased anything recently for money that could remotely be related to those event chest openings, e.g a bundle that contained event keys.


okay, so please also confirm that Arachnaean Weaver and Yvendra will be possible drops on Friday for event keys.

Per the game guide, AW should have been in the chest.The devs decide to distort their own guide to save themselves from having to accept any responsibility. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.


Funny how devs didn’t answer this exact question last weeek in the other thread. Methinks it’s because even they didn’t know what would happen. So they wait to see and then claim working as intended and has always been that way. :roll_eyes:


The reason the new Mythic Troop is exclusive in Event Chests when its Kingdom is the weekly Event Kingdom is because we made it this way roughly 4 years ago based on feedback from the community.

It is very rare that the weekly event Kingdom during the new Mythic exclusivity period is the Kingdom the new Mythic belongs to. We apologise we didn’t add Event Chests to the news post in game in this special case.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to rollback all the Keys spent as it’s not a simple solution and it could cause more problems than that specific solution would be worth.

We really do understand the frustration around this, and we’re sorry the schedule lined up like this. In future we will be looking at doing 2 things:

  • Avoiding having the new Mythic Troop’s Kingdom be the weekly event Kingdom during the new Mythic’s exclusivity period

  • On any occasion where we can’t avoid the above, editing the News post temporarily to include Event Chests in the list of Chests the exclusivity period applies to

We are sorry this happened, and we’ll do our best to just avoid this situation altogether in future.

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