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Arachnaean Weaver may not be in Event Chests until Friday

spent 4400 event keys hoping for a weaver and got 4 yvendras


The intended handling is very clear here, it’s event documented in the official Game Guides:


If Arachnean Weaver isn’t in event chests IP2 has a problem on their hands, gashas paid for with money that do not contain the jackpot pose a serious legal issue. This has happened in the past, with IP2 pulling just about every creative trick possible to weasel out of responsibility.


That description is very clear and does not state all other Mythics would be excluded.

If proof is not given that AW is in event chests they have defrauded all who have attempted to get him.


This is crazy, I’ve been saving up Event keys for over a month. Today I spent over 700 Event keys trying to obtain Arachnaean Weaver. Event keys to my understanding are not affected by new Mythic. I have not heard any confirmation from any player that they have received AW from event chest. So if this is a glitch…I feel that I and other players should be compensated for the loss of keys.

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I would suggest that anyone who has used event keys this week should contact the support team and request that they are reimbursed with all keys spent:



Hey all,

@Kafka just posted an update on Archproxy Yvendra appearing in chests and not seeing Arachnaean Weaver, in the Campaign update original post.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

So what about the event keys we have already wasted??? We want them back or a copy of Weaver as compensation. Thank you.


Posting my response from the other thread here as well for those not following both threads. What @Kafka said conflicts with what is stated in game.

Note in game it does not mention exclusivity to event chests.


You devs need a way to publish information like that in the game.

This is not the only one I play, and in my other game there is a pop up notification function and a dynamic news section - whenever something major is going on (and this is major) then the information gets published in the game.

It’s ridiculous that players have to go to the forums to get information, and then there’s not even a new PSA thread but the info is hidden somewhere.


Actually, that information wasn’t published anywhere, forums or otherwise, until today.

Anyway, good to know that it’s not a bug, it’s just fraud.


This is from the in-game documentation on finding mythics. It strongly implies that, if the new mythic is from the kingdom featured in event chests, then the new mythic drops from events chests alongside the other mythics from that kingdom.


Oh hey, that isn’t one of the articles I wrote. I feel a bit better now.

Yikes. I predicted that somehow Archproxy wouldn’t be in Event chests at all, and thats what people would be mad about this week.

Looking at the text of it all I have to note that nothing explicitly states that if the new mythic is in event chests, it wouldn’t be exclusive to those also. It is simply heavily implied. The only explicit promise made on the support site game guides would be that it would be available in event chests on the week it was released if said release coincided with an exclusive period.

The only explicit promise made by the New Mythic Troop news page is that it would be the exclusive mythic in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests for one week only.

Actually, scratch that, this whole time every mythic has this entire time been stating it was exclusive to these chests types. This carries a fundamentally different meaning than stating it is exclusive in these chest types, as in “this is the only mythic you can get in these chests this week” versus what is stated here “these chests are the only place you can get this mythic for this week”. When you say “x is exclusive to y” it means that no other groups that y implicitly belongs to can contain x, not that no other groups that x belongs to can be in y. If you say “The Big Mac is exclusive to McDonalds.” that doesn’t mean the Big Mac is the only hamburger you can find at McDonalds, it means that other restaurants don’t have a Big Mac. The way it is stated in game doesn’t even make an explicit promise that you can’t pull other mythics from those chests! That part, however, is widely understood and clarified in the game guides, including this bit (and the several others that have been posted):

If we accept this interpretation of the text, it was explicitly (if accidentally) promised that the Event Chest would not contain the mythic at all by the in-game text (where most people would look).

Regardless of interpretations, I can make two statements of fact here:

  1. The contents of chests remains hidden, so it is impossible to tell what can be pulled without being told by someone (who can then just be incorrect)
  2. The contents of chests did not meet many players’ expectations

Let me clarify that I don’t think anyone is upset that this mythic is the only mythic in event keys for the first five days of this week. This is, after all, the first time such an overlap has happened. The problem is that from a player perspective, it is impossible to tell in-game which mythics were in chests before spending keys which also coincided with a never before seen exclusivity period and kingdom event overlap. That is going off all combined public sources across forums and help articles on websites (which heavily implied both would be in chests during this period) when a simple button press, in game, should always unequivoically tell you whether something is or isn’t. This is, to my knowledge, the first time a kingdom’s mythic table has been (intentionally, not counting the times where the chance was just 0% oopsie) restricted, and nowhere does it say that it would be in even vague terms. Something with a normally 0.11% drop rate already not being in chests during a period when the average expectation is that it would be (if at a reduced rate due to another thing now being on the same table) needs more than a day-late passing mentioned in an unrelated campaign thread.

And… even if you decided that this was how it was going to be beforehand, you have a responsibility that this is communicated unequivoically. Even myself, as someone playing for over 5 years and been present during every drop debacle, failed to predict that this is how drops would be handled, since it took an extra step to conditionally modify event key drop tables for this period (something that is not normally done during a mythic exclusive) and there was not one word about it ahead of time. This also leads me believe this was not, in fact, a “bug” but rather a misguided attempt at making things meet player expectations while not only failing to communicate this but failing spectacularly at meeting expectations.

Please understand that any discussion here is not about what should or shouldn’t be in chests during this unprecedented overlap, but the fact that what is or isn’t in chest is not something that can be gleaned by using every combined resources available when said information should be readily available in-game. Given the information that was available prior to the post made by Kafka, there was nothing to suggest that Arachnean Weaver wouldn’t be available in event chests during the first four days of this week. Though this is, again, simply an implied promise, you should give greater care to conveying this information.

Why isn’t the information of what is and isn’t in chests available in-game yet?


“If the newly released Mythic is part of the Event Kingdom then it can ALSO be earned from Event Chests.”

This does not imply it is the only mythic obtainable from event chests.

I also had a guildmate confirm he was told by Customer Support that it’s intended for AW to not drop until Friday. He wasted a LOT of keys.

You guys really need to make this right and not Nelson-laugh at the people who blew through their stash of keys hoping for AW.


And here we go again, the first round of creative tricks to weasel out of responsibility. At least we seem to have skipped the “it’s just bad luck” denial phase this time, it was getting tiresome to prove that claim wrong.

As a reminder, this is the official documentation on how mythic troops in event chests are handled:



There’s no wiggle room for interpretation here, Arachnean Weaver is supposed to show up.

I understand that this is once again an awkward situation for IP2, this will take effort to clean up. I also understand that you are just the first messenger sent to deflect claims in order to get around having to clean up. I believe the least IP2 is required to provide here is a rollback of event keys used for those players insisting on it. What would be the shortest path to get that done, contact 505 Games?


50 or 100 gems this time?

I’d be very surprised if they return event keys to us, I didn’t even know that was possible but I would love this to happen. Right now I feel annoyed that i wasted almost 3000 event keys and have basically been told tough luck when surely no one knew of this new mythic/same kingdom rule. Please give me my event keys back or at least 1 copy of AW as compensation for yet another example of poor communication with your players

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Open a support ticket, insist that they roll back the event keys you opened. Offer that you would consider the issue settled if they exchange one of the Archproxy Yvendra you pulled for an Arachnean Weaver. If they keep refusing, your further steps depend on whether you purchased anything for money recently, e.g. a bundle that among others contained event keys.


This seems to be the fairest solution. Or even half of them, if someone got multiple (since some people work on getting 4 copies of each mythic so they keep pulling for that purpose).

I mean, it would be awesome if everyone who pulled gets a “free” Arachnean Weaver, whether substituting an Archproxy or as the compensation. More awesome if everyone got one, regardless of whether they pulled, but that is unfair to those who actually invested keys into this.

Either way, it seems pretty clear that the wording, the way they thought it should work and the way it works are at odds with each other.


Two VIP keys. It would be of value worth more than the Keys spent and with a higher chance to gain Mythics than the keys they spent, after all. (For absolute clarity, this is a joke, this should never happen again.)

(Also to their credit they did eventually make it right after an immense amount of backlash even through the “matter was considered closed” by mailing out the 2 VIP keys PLUS a new troop of the same rarity for each incorrect pull).

So what should actually happen? I’m not even sure what can be considered “fair” here because anyone pulling for AW did rightfully have a 50/50 chance at Yvendra once pulling a mythic if everything worked as implied by every single statement on their help site. Even the people that pulled 4 Yvendra could have still realistically done so with the expected loot tables. A one time only “trade” of a Yvendra pulled with event keys into AW would be nice, but is likely to be seen as significantly more “generous” than is likely. Precedent for “making this right” (if this isn’t one of the 50/50 times where the issue is completely just ignored or bulldozed over) would be a random mythic between the two that were expected to be available… but for anyone seeing this and already angry, would they really be satisfied by trading in their Yvendra for a “random” new mythic in the event key pool only to receive Yvendra again sight unseen as your “random” reward? Be honest, how many of you at this point would trust that?

This is probably going to have a messy outcome no matter what with a lot of people feeling pissed off or cheated. If you expect any kind of resolution at all, though, you have to press the issue and get people talking about it. Do NOT, I repeat do NOT abuse the support staff, but don’t just roll over on this - it is important, they did not properly communicate a major omission in chest drops and it should be seen as this, regardless if they intended to have chest drops be this or not. People were asking if Yvendra would even be in chests last week and this didn’t even get answered. This was a failure on their end and you should not just suck it up.

I can hope for the best possible outcome of simply allowing a 1:1 trade for the expected mythic, but the thing I really want to happen out of all of this is for what is actually in chests right now to be completely and accurately communicated at all times. From outright drop errors to “misunderstandings”, this stuff has happened way too often for this game when it is their bread and butter and only about half of them have what I would consider a favorable resolution.

So I’ll say again the same thing I say every time - this is hopefully the last time this happens.