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Spin Me Right ‘Round

Although I am glad to see an apology, since this is a gacha game, dont people who rolled deserve something? Some of them paid money. Others saved keys for months. Some did both.

Personally, I didnt roll, but I used to spend money on this game. I havent lately due to recent issues, and seeing people not being compensated here is concerning. What incentive is there to spend money if it can be stolen?

Undoing rolls is difficult, that makes sense. But what about giving people keys or gems? Refunding real money?

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I don’t think this will be a problem in the future. Its only a problem now since it wasn’t communicated that this was the scenario for event key drops until after it was too late for many people.


well Kafka.

Please tell me what should I do tomorrow if I spent 600 green keys and received 2 copies of the event myth?
why not make an exchange of myths? for 1 day?

I understand that everyone is sorry, but what should I and the rest of the players do?
I’ve been collecting keys for 3-4 months. Kingdom wait a year.

If this is not an argument for you, think about what people who are willing to pay will say and see how developers fix errors.
If you spent resources although there was a mistake about which we did not know, it is your problems…

why not introduce a mutually beneficial solution?


Quoting the official help page:

  • Event Chests - Only Mythics belonging to the Event Kingdom for that week can be earned (If the newly released Mythic is part of the Event Kingdom then it can also be earned from Event Chests).

Maybe I’m too sleepy, but this seems to allow for little interpretation?
“The new mythic can also be earned from Event Chests, but older mythics alson’t”?


sls, do you always see web help and not help in the game itself?

it turns out that everything that is written in the game should be ignored?

Sorry, I need the web to play the game, particularly on Mondays and sometimes even on Fridays - I know it’s sad.

plz pray 4 me :crying_cat_face:

I was actually trying to make YOUR point, maybe you didn’t understand my post.

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sorry, I do not understand the logic of the game developers and their stubbornness. they also make bad publicity for themselves.
Sorry again, I’m just nervous and too tired.

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When… Did… This… Happen…4… Years…ago?

As in what Mythic troop was released during it’s home kingdom week that you are citing?

Community feedback would love to know.


That’s 100% a lie. Based on your company’s version of trying to do your best the past 2 years.

Although best is a perspective. So perhaps you think you’re doing your best given the confines of the absolute shit resources that 505 Games gives y’all to succeed.

So I retract my statement. You aren’t lying to us. Y’all are lying to yourselves.

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The simple solution is to mail each player in game Arachnaean Weaver. It may not be the most cost efficient solution short term.

But long term I can promise you it’s the smartest long term solution. This debacle doesn’t sit well in people’s minds. Games are all about rules. And y’all making up the rules. (Whether it was 4 years ago and didn’t say shit or this week and didn’t say shit.) Is not just unacceptable but illegal.

More has to be given than just some gems or a public apology to make this right. People were conned into looking for Arachnaean Weaver. And I don’t franking give money to con artists. So be professionals and pay up when you Frank up. Or be the next company on the 2021 cancellation list… because y’all have pushed it too far at this point.


Australian players should submit a complaint to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission:

Players in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, China and Japan may be able to submit a complaint to their respective consumer protection authorities, given that 505 Games also operates in these countries.


Kafka, would you mind sharing the source for this claim? For the record, 4 years ago kingdoms were still receiving their very first mythic troop. It feels difficult to believe that the community was shouting for this very first mythic to be the only one in event chests, considering that there simply weren’t any others that could have been in there. Back then it wasn’t even yet announced that there would be a second round of mythics for each kingdom.

That sounds like a really awkward legal position to be in. However, the need to refund doesn’t get voided when the approach that hands out the least viable amount of compensation is difficult to implement. Quite the contrary, as you probably know you are required to fall back to a possibly more generous approach that is technically feasible. Sending out an event key for each one spent to open the incorrectly configured event chests is a perfectly valid solution here. It satisfies the requirement that no customer receives less than they paid for. Of course, this would likely be way more generous than you would prefer it to be, maybe you should work on your compensation tools for future issues of similar impact.

My personal recommendation would be to post an announcement that players who pulled Archproxy Yvendra from event chests are eligible for a swap, they should contact support in case they want it exchanged for Arachnean Weaver. This is a reasonable compromise that saves you effort and credibility while still ensuring that players receive what they were led to believe they paid for.


As another personal recommendation, bury that idea, it’s doomed to fail in a spectacular way. Whoever is going to be responsible for temporarily editing the news post will forget about it, causing the next refund fiasco.

Always run all mythic troops in event chests in parallel, that’s what got communicated in the past, that’s what the official documentation suggests, that’s what’s being announced in-game. There isn’t any reason to create some convoluted special handling here, it’s not like mythics suddenly disappear from the event chest pool whenever a newly released mythic belongs to a kingdom different than the event one.


They aren’t going to do jack. They will either wait for it to blow over or be replaced by complaints on the next fubar situation.

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I don’t think this will blow over. The comments will quieten down, but I am not the only person who spends money on a game now thinking yikes, a gacha game is lying about what’s available in chests in order to steal money from people.

If everyone who rolled gets compensated, then it’s an accident. But they weren’t.

This is fraud.


It likely started as an accident. Event chest drop tables used to involve some manual configuration, it probably still does. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone not quite familiar with the process entered the wrong numbers, without anybody doing due diligence to ensure they are correct. Now they are scrambling to cover it up, with some of the claims leaving quite a desperate impression.

All in all, it doesn’t really matter whether a secret master plan to exclude Arachnean Weaver from the jackpot pool existed or not. The important part is what got communicated, and every single piece of official documentation implied Arachnean Weaver would be in there.


This won’t do.

I can’t believe that you think a “sorry” will make up for 600 Keys wasted or loads more, because YOU(your company, not you personally) made a mistake not giving us proper information.
It is real money spent, or several hours of playing you just don’t care about. What kind of company is this?

You want us to spend money on this game, then act like it. So many mistakes are made on a weekly basis, bugs that aren’t corrected for months. Some kind of bug can be expected at every Faction release. You release content which havn’t been tested properly/or you ignore feedback from the testers. Lycanthropy gems. Potion gems. Gnome-a-Palooza…


Agreed. I doubt this is intentional.

Even though @Kafka admits the in game news post should be corrected, it still isnt. That plus lack of compensation means that as of right now, this is now intentional fraud.

I’m really tempted to waste my time going through devs posts looking for how many times they’ve been “sorry.” I’m not going to be here for the next one.

After 3 years, I quit. Deleting the game now, I don’t care to finish a campaign I paid for.


doesn’t this break apple’s app store guidelines?


3.1.1 In-App Purchase:

  • Apps offering “loot boxes” or other mechanisms that provide randomized virtual items for purchase must disclose the odds of receiving each type of item to customers prior to purchase.

arachnean weaver is 0% instead of the listed 0.11% and there’s been no warning or mention of this in game.