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Spin Me Right ‘Round

This might be surprising but I don’t think it is.

Now, I Am Not A Lawyer, and specifics differ between countries. It boils down to this being a business transaction, the item received differs from the one ordered. Anyone interested in receiving the correct item has to individually stake their claims, by contacting support and insisting on a proper replacement. Not contacting support means you are satisfied with the deal you got, no further actions required. When contacted, support may make a counter offer (e.g. “you received some good troops from those chests, you wouldn’t want us to roll those back” or “rollbacks are difficult, let’s not go there”), accepting that also settles the dispute. You have to reach out again that the counter offer isn’t acceptable and that you really insist on the original deal.

What IP2 is currently doing on the forum is aggressively deflecting claims, by implying they don’t exist. This also isn’t fraud, they can write anything they want on the forum to discourage players from requesting the compensation they are owed from the party responsible for handing out that compensation. This has happened several times in the past, e.g. back when they removed mythic troops from accounts, handed out two VIP keys as replacement and stated they now consider the issue closed with no further communication forthcoming.

Long story short, the proper approach to get compensated is opening a support ticket and going several rounds with support. They’ll try to make it awkward, refrain from personal attacks, they are just doing the job they are told. Once the workload generated by handling this individually exceeds the effort saved by implying they don’t have to fulfill their part of the deal they’ll probably offer a more broadband solution.


i started around 4 years ago and i’m not quite sure, but i remember at that time new mythics didn’t enter the drop pool right after exclusive week, i think you had to wait 3-4 weeks before they entered the drop pool.
so, this situation was a whole lot different.
so, Kafka saying that was based on community feedback is irrelevant.
i have same opinion as you: send everyone a free copy of AW or let people trade one copy of Yvendra for AW.


I could be mistaken, but that was true maybe up until 3-4 months ago. Definitely changed within the last year.

And that’s what my rant tried to convey @Kafka essentially. You aren’t lying to us on purpose. But someone is giving you bad information that is completely wrong so therefore your information is a lie. But hard to blame you for it since you’re being fed a lie.

I… And I’m sure a tremendous amount of others… Are at our breaking points when it comes to being fed lies though. We get enough from our government and our own political parties. We shouldn’t be fed the same political bull shit from a video game developer. Enough is enough already.

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Now we really know why this week’s event post was called “SPIN me right 'round.”



“Apps that attempt to scam users will be removed from the App Store. This includes apps that attempt to trick users into purchasing a subscription under false pretenses or engage in bait-and-switch and scam practices; these will be removed from the App Store and you may be removed from the Apple Developer Program.”


If only a dev spoke up in that other thread where someone literally asked the question the week before…


Too bad they didn’t know this would happen even though they now claim - as usual - that this was working as intended.

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Then don’t cause yourselves any problems - send a copy of Arachnaean Weaver to every player.

Do you lose a bit of money making potential? Yeah… Maybe.

But you’ll regain/retain trust of the players which is ultimately way more valuable and will likely make you more money in the long run.

It’s also the easiest solution with the lowest work load - and time is money as well, right?

Complaints will stop, support tickets will stop - people will be happy again.



I have been playing this game for years and after spending 3k+ keys for a troop that was supposed to be in event chests but was not i have a very very bad taste in my mouth now. And for a dev to come on here apologize and say it wont happen again, that will not cut it bud. I for one will fight to the bitter end for justice and compensation on this issue.


BuT tHe EcOnOmY

Seriously devs, this time you collectively put your foot in it by way of absurdly vague wording. Throw the community a bone and make this right. Or more accurately (I assume) make the case to your bosses that you need to make this right out of principle.

I have no horse in this race as I’m not one of the affected players. Just…do something to convince your bosses to pull their noses up from the balance sheet a little and do the right thing. Please?


Things like this need to be reported to the app stores/steam store.

I’ve done it on Steam and ios. I also added in the vault keys not showing odds. The more of us do it, the better chance they will do something about it.

I sent screen shots of the in game notice about what is in chests and also what is on their website. I also sent in one of Kafkas response and one of the vault key flash deal, which does not have the odds like the other keys do.

Its too bad the US Congress is busy being useless or that bill introduced governing loot boxes might be law. When that happens, they can’t hide behind their tos any longer.


Could there be a temporary recipe added into the soulforge to craft a Weaver using an Archproxy as the material.

That would give the player the choice, if they pulled multiple Archproxy troops then they can swap for a Weaver.
There’s no rollback needed, and rollbacks aren’t perfect as there will be plenty of people happy with getting a proxy. And some that would get their keys back but no chance to spend them again until the week changes now.

How does a soulforge recipe sound to people?


This is the best idea so far!

I love this idea, especially if it gets applied to other kingdoms too. Obviously it won’t since this is a gatcha game, but I could see the Archproxy → Weaver being a great solution for this blunder since, as you stated:

  • Simple solution that doesn’t involve any complicated rollbacks
  • Gives the players the choice, just like with the Bandit and Gobtruffle rollbacks
  • Doesn’t “upset the economy” since it’s exchanging things of equal value and not simply giving one away

Too good an idea for these devs, I’m afraid.

That’s actually a fantastic approach, fair for all parties involved, trivial to implement, doesn’t require effort from support.

@Kafka Adding a ping here, so IP2 can’t claim ignorance whenever the fair compensation topic comes up in future.


That is the response i got to my ticket. Looks like the devs just want to sweep it under the rug.


I think it’s just a stock auto reply that’s generated whenever anyone submits a ticket. Once they review your ticket, they send you a response with actual human feedback. I can see how you might think through context this is you being blown off, but I don’t think that is the case. This just looks like a normal reply to anyone putting in an issue through their system.

It doesnt look like a stock auto reply unfortunately. Here is the stock reply I got just a couple months ago:

The response to @IMMABAUS looks like they’re closing the case. It specifically says they won’t respond to it here. I am guessing they asked for compensation? I really hope this isn’t how players being cheated on are being addressed.

The devs need to compensate everyone that rolled (I didnt, it doesn’t affect me, but I would love to pay again one day if the devs don’t steal money).

Has anyone who rolled been compensated?


I might well be wrong as I haven’t submitted a report ticket in a long time. It just has that feel to me as someone who has worked with similar ticket/automation emails in my professional life that is has the vibe of stock language. Lol, then again, I’m just some dude on the internet.

EDIT: Edited out redundant sentence so I don’t sound illiterate.