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Arachnaean Weaver may not be in Event Chests until Friday

It’s not Zhul’Kari week anymore, so you won’t be getting Weaver from event keys now, but yes, it was available from Friday to Sunday.


Wait, why was it added in if it was ‘working as intended’ or ‘never supposed to be in there’?

Sarcasm aside, mythic week exclusivity would have ended on Thursday regardless.


The response i got to my ticket. I am not happy at all.

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I’m certainly not buying any more campaign passes. Incompetence I could tolerate, but after this stunt I feel like spending money on this game would be supporting actual criminals.


yeah I am actually surprised by this response…

They stay low till the storm is passing and no compensations will be given out.
Buy a beer instead of the campaign pass, cry over your lost keys and move on.

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They know they can wait it out. Give it a week or two and people will have moved on and started talking about something else. This has been the trend for years now.

But but…those $10 mythics are too good to pass up and they don’t want to fall behind and have an incomplete collection!!!11!11!1one

This is a case of fraud by omission (as in, they didn’t properly inform the players) and as much as I want to see the game get kicked squarely in the bottom line for it I know most people on the pa$$ train are going to keep chugging along, probably justifying it as “only paying for the parts of the game they like” or some other nonsense and not realizing all the money goes into the same pot and the suits don’t care as long as the number on the balance sheet is higher than the last fiscal period.


Well, going by the Reply button your ticket is still open. They are offering to treat your refund request as feedback that doesn’t require any further action from their side. If you aren’t happy with that, reply that you insist on them upholding their part of the deal. The game claimed Arachnean Weaver would be in event gashas, they eventually admitted this wasn’t true after the damage was done, you want to proceed with rolling back all related openings. In case you would instead be okay with exchanging one of your Archproxy Yvendra for the Arachnean Weaver you intended to pull, offer it as sign of good will from your side to save them effort. If you don’t do anything you’ll accept their offer by silent consent, they’ll eventually close the ticket and file the dispute as solved to full satisfaction of both parties involved.


Weren’t there two people on here that said they were compensated and happy with it? Why isn’t everyone affected being treated the same way?

That was for the Potions of Power bug, wasn’t it?


Yup, that’s is my recollection too: no word of any AW compensation (or the corresponding acknowledgment of what the company did to its paying customers), AFAIK
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Yep I believe so.

Someone in my guild received 1500 gems for that bug. That’s good!

Now they just need to fix the weaver issue.


And send out 2500 gems for 9 weeks of broken first turns

Thanks for the clarification. I was sitting here the past few days confused.

Just send anyone who opened event keys in that period 4k diamonds. It won’t break the bank, especially since the people would still be screwed over by having to wait for the SoulForge rotation.

But that might be easier than just mailing out the mythic or rolling back keys, I dunno — bottom line is, they erode trust by not disclosing and ensuring detailed drop rates in all areas of the game.

So buyer beware, is what I always advise — sucks that one can’t trust the game to work, but :man_shrugging: If something seems fishy it’s probably off. Global chat is full of guinea pigs, so rely on them to be the canaries in the coal mine whenever there are new features, I guess, since the developers can’t be bothered to be honest.


A strange game. The only way to avoid a bug is not to play.
How about a nice game of chess?


Can I switch my pawn with an Arachnean Weaver if I get it to the opposite end of the board?


While that would be generous it wouldn’t be fair. This really swings both way, they owe players the chance to pull Arachnean Weaver as advertised, nothing less, nothing more. Just as they can’t expect players to forfeit the Arachnean Weaver they might have pulled, players can’t expect to receive an Arachnean Weaver they might not have pulled. An extreme case would be someone opening two event chests as part of campaign tasks, 4k diamonds would feel like quite excessive compensation. This is why the accepted approach is to roll back the transactions in question. Which they are perfectly capable of doing, they confirmed that a few years back when event chests had significantly lower legendary/mythic drop rates than advertised.

I still think @Cairnso has offered the best solution. The only possible problem I can foresee is that the recipe should consume one copy of Archproxy Ylendra each time and we all remember what happened the last time a troop was consumed in a recipe…

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Thinking about forging Archproxy then it turned to Xathenos instead of AW. :unamused:

It is better if they can fix their QA first. AW is not A-must mythic, exchanging it with AA should not be hard though.

Still, I am for quality than a corona bug in Krystara and get compensated every time. :roll_eyes: