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SPEED DEMONS Bracket 1 Recruitment Open

2 players announced a break from gems, leaving on Sunday looking to fill those spots on Sunday. We got 3rd last week in gw bracket 1 and getting stronger pm me if you are interested. Basic reqs 600k, seals, 300 tr Gw sentinel level 4 and 40k+ gw score all battles completed by Sunday.


10 char

Are there still spots open?

Yes there is

1 spot open Sunday pm me if interested

Recruitment is open pm me if interested in joining lets get you in before reset

Looking for a new member, 45k+ bracket 1 gw score range

Still looking for 1 player come help us reach top 3 in bracket 1

3 spots open. Low req for bracket 1. Great guild with lots of helpful members.

Also free hugs will be given out in community. :slightly_smiling_face:

2 spots open. Hurry now and get your free hugs while supplies last!

1 spot available. Low req and great synergy between members. Bracket 1.

Spots open tomorrow pm me if interested thanks.

weekly reqs= 600k gold, all seals, 300tr. GWs Lv4 sents, 45k.

1 spot available great opportunity here.

How are the demons of speed doing, way to go yesterday, you let us have it yet again! Tough defenses for sure!

Likewise I had some close games, I’m looking foward to trying the new modes. So yesterday had a player unable to play 1 battle due to an error shows 4-0 for yesterday and is already playing todays battles… I wonder how many were effected by this. =(

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I second guessed my defense and switched it last minute, I really wish I didn’t. Either way I think you had us beat.
Seeya in 3 weeks when wars returns, hope the raids and invasions don’t force more daily games as our ppl are taking more days off lol.

Yes, see you in 3 weeks lol

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One of ours is having a similar issue. See Guild Wars battles stuck

Thanks gonna check it out