Soul Harvest

Sure, but that in no way answers @Qoob ’s queries:

i’m pretty sure that is wrong

WELL, I believe on the player getting a total of 6, and 3 today from farming. @Magnusimus @ANGI

Sorry @Magnusimus for me a total of 6 is clear. I am out of 2 per day capped league.

There was a 15 minute time span it seems - on Tuesday - when you could get 2 copies.

So even with a hard cap a player playing then could now have 7 - 2 from each day (Monday, Tuesday after the fix, Wednesday) plus 1 from the mail.

That’s why people asked about when that was played not what was played.


Gotcha! Thank you for your clarification @sylverscale. I’ll ask.

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10:00am - reset
10:05 - recieved a copy from mail
10:12 - a copy from cpvp
~10:40 - one more from cpvp (upgraded the weapon)
11:01pm - one more copy, the sixth

Note: Didn’t restart after reset.


The only souls being harvested in this game are our own


A Villager in Adventure Board? I assume that is intended to be funny…

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Maybe it’s the village idiot they needed to get rid of? :thinking:


Here’s a suggestion: don’t insult us by giving ONE COPY of a COMMON TROOP for beating a LEVEL 70 TEAM. Just don’t. Don’t give any reward next time if someone suggest a common.

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As a counter opinion, this is a daily task seven days in a row. I don’t mind that some of the troops haven’t been top-tier, because it fits with the theme of the weeklong event.


If the devs have Arachnaean Weaver for Saturdays adventure board. Then I’ll wipe the slate clean for the past two weeks. (personal expectations of course, can’t speak for everyone.)


I mean, almost all adventure board tasks are worthless for endgame players. It’s fine - you can use it for class XP or just ignore it.



So here’s the intended trick. Assuming if I don’t upgrade then I’ll get saddled with kingdom offers that best much aren’t Purple Books.

The other tricks are bugs or honest lies.

What’s an honest lie?

When you lie to yourself enough that you forgot what you’re saying is a lie and it therefore becomes the truth for you.

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Oh no, PLevel 23 is cursed. You need to do your best to upgrade. That is the daily 1 event key, right? Not sure if that is still the case after the upgrade. I just have trauma in Plevel 23:skull_and_crossbones:

That’s what I’m curious about. I guess I’ll be the guinea pig for now.

It is. (10chars)

Yep @Wow

That didn’t long to test.

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I was hoping it would offer Imperials to upgrade the kingdom.

Dream on :grin:

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