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Soul Farming issue

I have been using the same soul farming team for a while now, but now I am not getting the same amount of souls from them. Nothing has changed my end that I know of. [no loss on guild war, still vip, still wearing same armor, same traits equipped etc.

I saw no mention of change to these troops on the last few updates. Can you tell me if there is something going on?

The team is
Warlock [with necromancy]
Warlock [with necromancy]
Sol’Zara [with necromancy]

Normally Sol’Zara gets about 60 ish souls when i use her, then warg gets about 20 … making 80ish souls with 2 skills used.
But now I am only getting 20 ish souls with both.

armor gives + 50%, vip gives +25%, guild gives +35% = 110%
[and 3 troops with necromancy]

Has there been another change that I have missed [something to do with log in rewards maybe?]

Also, separate question … does the experience boost pet give you experience even when not equipped?


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Android, and PC

That sounds like your Sol’Zara might be hitting too weak enemies. The spell is 10 Souls (about 20 in your case), it gets tripled (about 60 in your case) when hitting targets with more Life that yours.

Nope, not that, she was always fighting people with lower health …

Which was a bug that got fixed, it’s in the 3.4 patch notes.

Ah, missed that, so all this time she has been hitting as if hitting higher health, and now thats been patched?

Yep, that’s correct.

… Bugger! …erm any good builds for soul farming not involving epics you could suggest that might be better?

Well, if you were to switch to Celestial Armor, a full Arena run would get you roughly 400 souls for each fight, plus some other goodies.

I gave Arena a go once … hated it. Was hoping for a suggestion for explore.

Dragon Soul, Aziris, Aziris, Aziris. Abyssal banner.

So far I only have the 1 Aziris … Would that still work with changes to dragon soul? seems like it would be hard pressed to kill things, especially with only 2 mana colours?

Have you tried The Dragon Soul? Did you read the changes? What changed was:

  • It resurrects differently if it dies.
  • It doesn’t have Mana Shield.

Which of those two changes affects Explore?

“Make a soul farming team without epics” is hard. There are only 4 soul generators below Epic, Valkyrie is one of them. But the funny thing about the Valkyrie / Warlock x3 team is for it to be fast you need to be at the level where you’ve got the TDS team anyway.

The only reason Papa mentioned 3x Aziris is because “TDS, 3x Necromancy” is the pattern. Find the other troops you have with Necromancy and you can use them instead of an Aziris.

Yes, it will take TDS a few rounds to kill things. It generally feeds itself, and if you’re facing low-level explores you don’t worry about the damage you take. Yes, you can get more souls per match if you play on higher difficulties. That doesn’t matter if it takes you longer to win. If I can play 2 400-soul matches per minute I will make 800 souls per minute, that’s smarter than bumping up the difficulty to make 500 souls in 2 minutes.

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Ah cool thanks. I could not find the notes on the changes. Read them very quickly, but not in “patch notes” yet to re-read.[Also my bad i keep saying epic and mean mythic, not legendary] … Thanks for the info … I had 3 necromancers … but just found them slow to build up [and often foes dead before i could get all 100 souls]. … Will switch difficulty back down and give it a go. Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, let’s talk soul farming really quickly.

First, you need soul generators. You can’t get much more than 4 souls without one. Pharos-Ra is the S-Rank one, but it’s a mythic. The Dragon Soul is your A-Rank soul generator becuase it’s so dang good. The most popular newbie soul generator is Valkyrie, because she’s also a really good blue mana generator. Sol’Zara is interesting, but forces you to either keep her dangerously underleveled or play at higher difficulties. Dark Troll’s probably a half-decent generator, and would pair well with TDS. The rest… aren’t really worthy of note.

Next, you need things that increase your soul cap. Pharos-Ra is the S-Rank because Necro Master increases it by 150%. Troops with Necromancy only boost it by 50%. This is part of why Sol’Zara is attractive: she both generates souls and has Necromancy. There are a lot of troops with Necromancy but I feel like people mostly focus on a few. Aziris and Warlock come to mind.

The best teams use multiple Pharos-Ra to take advantage of Necro Master. There are very, VERY few configurations that work since you’d also like to win relatively fast. (Though since each PR is worth 3x Necromancy troops, you can afford to be a little slow.) (Also I only have one Pharos-Ra so I haven’t experimented with 2x teams to have opinions.)

Most people can, at best, afford 1 Pharos-Ra. Now, if you put P-R on your team, you’d like something that generates/explodes gems so you can feed it. TDS is a decent choice here. It doesn’t have Necromancy, but it is relatively fast to fill, explodes a lot, and generates souls. That’s 2 slots, which Necromany troops do we want under it? Well, Aziris is very attractive. 1) It can force skull matches to help end the game faster when you reach the cap. Plus: it has Magic Link, which will fill both TDS and Pharos-Ra faster. This is a very effective soul-farming team and we only need the Troops menu to see it’s there! Note we lose a Necromancy because of TDS, but since Pharos-Ra is worth 3x Necromancy we’re still at effectively “5 troops with Necromancy”.

What if you don’t have Pharos-Ra? Well, the suggestion to use 3x Aziris makes sense. This’ll still loop fairly effectively and operates at 3x Necromancy.

The standby alternative used to be Valkyrie / Warlock / Warlock / Warlock. This also gets you 3x Necromancy, but I find it awkward and slow. It was advertised to me as “fast”, citing that the Warlocks could one-shot most Explore troops. That… wasn’t true until I was well past level 1,000.

So my observations are:

  • Traitstone farming is where you want “fast”. When soul farming, sometimes slowing down wins is acceptable if it boosts soul yield.
  • The Dragon Soul is one of the most useful mana + soul generators.
  • If you don’t have a Pharos-Ra at all, there’s not an impressive soul farming team.
  • It’s easier than ever to build this kind of team now that you can filter by “Generates souls”, so if you can prove me wrong we both win.

Thanks, that helps … I don’t have a Pharos-Ra … but now I know what I want …

One day I pretend I’ll have the free time to write a newbie guide. Currently I would recommend this Soulforge order for it:

TDS -> Infernus -> Pharos-Ra.

Soul farming is what you do when you’re ready for Dawnbringer. That’s later than you think. If you have TDS you have the ability to do more-than-adequate soul farming. Infernus dramatically increases your ability to handle PvP and, now, pet encounters. Pharos-Ra is there for “when I’m ready to reach endgame”. Don’t rush it.

Some people will disagree and put Pharos-Ra first. I did. While it was nice to get my kingdoms to 5 stars faster, I also spent about the last 3 months having every, ‘Which team do I use to handle X?’ question answered with “Infernus.”

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Ah cool, yeah i built my TDS in the forge … And yeah, leveling kingdoms for better pvp etc was exactly what I was wanting it for. … Ok will save for infernus then …

Experimenting with a new soul farming build [as I dont have Pharos-Ra, and Aziris is not traited].

Trying Warlock
undead banner …
Seems … ok … i think

Thanks again for all the help

Found the notes on Sol’zara, just says corrected an issue with souls given, i thought it meant some people were not getting any … that’s why it did not click …