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[SOLVED]Is Crescendo working correctly?

The above image displays spell damage as 11 true damage before the match begins.

This image shows 9 true damage when I begin the match.

Question" Where did the 2 points of spell damage go, or is this working as intended?

Note you have 5 less Magic in combat, too. The enemy Crimson Bat might have Cursed away two of them, but I can’t explain the other three.

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Opponent Bat doesnt have any traits, hmm, might be a bug.

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Ah, good catch. In that case I suspect the Hero perk isn’t applying properly.

Is the Assassin class causing the bug?

Well, you only get +5 Magic for using red weapons as Assassin, so I’m afraid the Troops list screen is incorrect and the in-combat one is correct.

Ah, thank you. Railroaded by reading comprehension lol.


alas, I suffer the same ailment :frowning:

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Is this matter solved; concerning the missing 2 magic points?

You’re missing 5 Magic points (14 in combat, 19 out of combat). Crescendo scales its damage as: “[(Magic / 2) + 2]”. That works out to be 11 for a Magic score of 19, and 9 for a Magic score of 14. Aside from the out-of-combat display issue I think everything else is working as intended.


This is resolved. Your weapon doesn’t match and Crescendo is boosted by Magic at 2:1

I’m not concerned with +5 magic. I am aware of my reading blunder. It is the losing 2 points of magic when I enter battle.

I don’t know which two Magic points you’re referring to. I see a loss of two points of damage, but that’s how the weapon scales with the loss of 5 Magic.

Thank you all for your help. :grin:

I got it now. Please forgive my ignorance lol.

Good to see it was solved. This also helped me to realise to have Assassins class on in background so I can lock up the perks. Cheers.

Are the mana colors displaying correctly pre-battle? I’ve frequently seen hero weapons display the wrong colors when scouting. That might be the cause of the disparity: it thinks the colors are correct for the class boost pre-battle.

In my case they were. Crescendo is Purple/Green and I was using the Assassin Class; which boosts Hero weapons using Red mana. I would not receive the boost.

I also experience similar ssues. My Crescendo only get 9 in magic, even though it should have more. It only gain one magic when casting the frist spell. After casting the first spell it gain 2 magic as it is supposed to.
Enyone else have the same issue?