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Hero buff on Crescendo RESOLVED

My Crescendo has been starting at 11 magic. After I levelled up just now (and hence kicking in the new buffs) it starts at 12. According to Sirrians buffing notes it shoukd be ( +2 magic)

Crusendo is (Magic / 2) + 2

I know that, but the start magic should have increased by 2 with todays buff.

Gaining 2 magic will only increase its damage by 1.

Sirrian today…
So, we decided that since heroes had been a little underpowered anyway, it was time for a small buff. Heroes will now gain extra skill points at the following levels:

  • Attack at levels 55,110,190
  • Armor at levels 75,95,130,160,225
  • Life at levels 65,85,120,140,180
  • Magic at levels 170,250
    This should bring a level 200 hero about on-par with a Mythic Troop for skill points, and allow them some improvement after that.

So…+2 magic on ALL hero weapons

If it’s 2 magic:1 damage, then +2 magic you got results in exactly +1 damage.
Or let me put it in different way:
When you cast crescendo your hero gets +2 magic too. But that results in its damage going up by +1. It’s the same situation.

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I dont think you guys are understsnding my point. It doesnt matter now because my start magic is now 14 which is correct.
Before crescendo is even cast.

That means that (Magic / 2) + 2, if we plug in your magic, 14/2+2 is, 7+2, 9. Is it doing 9 damage?

I am not interested in damage. I was interested in what my hero started with.

Oh ya, nearly forgot, have you leveled up since the update went live? You need to level up to gain the buffed stats.

Then why mention crescendo at all? Your hero should have the same magic regardless of weapon (besides class boost from weapon color).

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Because there was supposed to be a hero buff TODAY which was NOT originally reflecting on my CRESCENDO weapon.

But it’s reflecting on other weapons? That would be really strange.

Correct. Then I restarted snd it went to 14 which is the correct start, as previously mentioned.

Like previously said that’s because you haven’t leveled to that point. In order for stats to show hero needed to gain a level.

I had levelled. Read the first line of this post !

Well I did read it and the situation you described is exactly what should have happend. If it had 11 damage and after level up it had 12 damage that’s 100% what should have happend. I don’t understand what are you confused about?

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I think my head is about to explode.
At level up there should have been far more than 1 extra magic because of the NEW BUFF.

It has now rectified. It does not have 11 magic. It does not have 12 magic. It has 14 magic which is the CORRECT new buffed amount for my hero using crescendo.

This thread is now closed !

(Just as a nitpick, and probably why things were so muddled in here – the weapon doesn’t have 14 Magic. You have 25 Magic, which translates into 14 true damage.)


Lol, now i know why no one could answer this, you had magic and damage mistyped the whole time. 25 in the top left hand corner is your magic. 14 in the card description is your damage and tells you how much of it will hit your opponent. 25/2+2= 12.5+2=14.5, therfore when you gain 1 magic it will be 15 damage.