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So what exactly determines pvp point win/loss?

It clearly isn’t the compared team scores, as it is determined before you pick your team and doesn’t change after the pick.
So how exactly is the pvp point win/loss amount calculated?

it is a mystery… i wasn’t looking too close and just picked the hardest opponent most of the time (unless there was some bonus glory on one of the other two) until I just realized that the weakest opponent for some reason gives a lot of points (for me at least):

(I removed the names, no bug)

I guess the formula is:

  • much weaker team
  • much lower level
  • much lower rank
    -> 16 points

(I am level ~890 btw)

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I have a theory that it’s actually tied to your Defense team’s Team Score (at least to some degree), but haven’t had a chance to test it properly, especially not since they’ve adjusted the matchmaking.