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What is the most/least pvp points you have gotten from a match?

I am doing this as a research thread so i can do some math related content for later.

I try to only pick the hard selection unless I come up against a double maw team but I see between 28-40 in the points for each match.

Edit : Level 1000

Worth posting more about what you’re looking for. Are we considering all three options? Only Hard? Only Easy? etc Also might be worth people posting their levels as well with their numbers as that might affect how much points one receives. Part of me wants to suggest team scores might play a part, but I’m not sure how much of it is Defense or how much is Offence (if they do play a part at all).

For my part:
Level 110
I see around 10 at the lowest on easy (might have had a 9? not sure), and as high as 56 on the hard (usually under 50 though)

any and all ifo is welcome for my math formula and calculations.

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Level 820ish: Usually between 32-40 on hard (but only DHJL is worth 40 points, everyone else I’ve met is between 32-39 on hard)

Level 1001, comments are for the most difficult option only.

If the ‘defence rating’ of the opposition is:

<7400 = 26 points
7500-7600 = 29
7700-7750 = 31
7750-7800 = 32
7800-7900 = 33
8000-8100 = 35

The issue is that I rarely see anyone above 8,100 (due to the AI Rating Reduction).

AI Rating Reduction: The rating given to a team under the control of AI is quite a bit less than when the team is controlled by yourself. To see this, select yourself in the guild chat or PvP leaderboard screen, opt to fight…then look at the difference. See below that the difference in this particular case is 872 rating points.


Yup I’ve noticed this as well (and actually reported it as a bug in the known threads at the time, but I don’t think we got an official response to it as it was still early hours of 2.0 release), it’s definitely some worth keeping in mind as part of this discussion.

Props to you for not having Maw in your defense! (though minor points taken off for having all legendaries :P)

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Level 390. I always get the same amount of points regardless how strong the enemy is.

Easy - 10 Points
Normal - 18 Points
Hard - 26 Points

Lvl 1000, only do hard, and 40 points is the highest I have ever seen.

Mine rarely vary from the following values, and never by more than 1-2 points each side:

  • easy (I never do this one) c. 10 points
  • medium (I occasionally do when I am sick of skipping maws) c. 18 points
  • hard (I almost always do this one) c. 36 points

…and (goes without saying) my hard battles are usually against maw/mercy teams…

I can confirm this, for level 360. About one in every ten rerolls is more than 26 points; the majority of those are 27-29 points.

There seems to be a sort of valley in PVP points around our level.

10 points, 24 pts and generally 32-38 with the occasional 52 pointer(fully traited mythic gorgathas most the time… i just go against the other guys usually. I’ve seen gorgathas a lot more then i see maws.