Slowing down the speed of the game a little

I mentioned this in another thread but I thought it might be interesting to make a separate, specific topic for some ideas on how to slow the game down a bit. I have seen many posts commenting on what is often the insane speed of the game compared to in the past. Some posters have even mentioned that the game almost plays itself at times. With the introduction of a plethora of Empowered troops (remember the days when there was only Mercy to deal with? :smiley:) as well as the infusion of Storms and a variety of Traits/Talents like Lightning Strike and Unstable Possession, the game has become a slot machine at times - a very fast slot machine. I know that many lament that much of the strategy seems to have been stripped from the game. Very rapid gameplay can be very beneficial when speed farming but can be very frustrating in PvP, some events, and especially Guild Wars. Although many may like the increased speed, I had some ideas for those that would like to slow the game down, even just a little. These ideas do not rely on getting rid of any current Empowered troops or changing any current Traits or Talents.

  1. Increase the amount of troops with the Jinx trait. Cutting masteries in half (or even more) could help slow down mana accumulation
  2. Introduce a spell effect (I would call it something like Mana Dampen) that prevents Mana Surges for a certain number of turns
  3. Introduce a counter storm effect via Traits or spells that reduces the incidence of a particular mana color from dropping. Instead of a Firestorm increasing red mana drops, a Firedearth would decrease it by a comparable percentage.
  4. Buff the Disease status effect by having it stack. 50% reduction in mana generation for the first application and then an additional 15% for each application thereafter. You could have it stack 2 or 3 times depending on how powerful you want it to be. I think Disease could be a great counter to mass mana accumulation but I do not believe it is currently viewed as a particularly useful tool.

Any thoughts or other ideas?

Your proposals may make it longer to fill up troops with mana, but the game hasn’t changed in terms of randomness (e.g., the prevalence of mercy clones and the number of “explode a gem on 4x or 5x matches”).

All that happens is it takes longer to fill troops, but the game is still just as random.

I agree. I don’t think we are going to see a reduction in RNG craziness and I am not really looking at inhibiting the randomness factor as it seems this is how the developers want the game to function. But slowing down the mana fills could make the game a bit more controllable despite the RNG. There is nothing like seeing Infernus or other troops fire off a spell, refill due to storm prevalence and/or mana surges and then fire again ad nauseam.
I was just looking at some ideas to supply a little impedance to the direction the developers have decided to take the game.

I would add that the game will just get slower for US while AI wont have any problem filling everything, so defo a nono from me.

Actually i would like a x100 speed (or even istant AI turns, as in, just dont show me anything and change board/troops/etcetc according to what it is after AI turn) cuz kinda got bored to death to watch Korvash stun my whole team (using the trait not the spell) in a single turn, or ear Sylvanimora sound effect 2 or 3 times each turn, etc etc.

Anyway seen too many times when was using famine an alone mythic go from 0 to full, and maybe cast too, the turn after i casted him (or her, not sure what famine is lol), or with the wrath/rope/gimlet/rabbit team see both empo’s fail miserably but then, “ai magic”, the turn after whole AI team full.

Your idea will just make player life more boring than already it is imo.

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I sort of wonder if it’s too late to slow down the game. People are used to the speed now, so there’s going to be people mad that it slows back down.

And intuitively, the longer games can go the harder it is to deal with high-level challenges like Delves. There’s some probability every turn the opponent will be able to line up a skull match. That means as more turns go on it’s more likely you’ll have taken damage. When they can one-shot you, you want to minimize the turns they get.

If you want it slowed down you can do it in settings. The rest of us can play at our own speed


Of course by saying “slowing down” I was referencing mana generation not the rapidity of general gameplay. I could not imagine going back to 1x game speed regardless of how quickly (or slowly) mana gets generated!

In a sense, I think the strategy has shifted from being focused on individual battles and moves, etc. to a broader focus, in terms of team composition and where/how you spend your time.

My sense is also that the feedback received by the Devs is largely that players enjoy this feeling of being powerful and being able to attack and refill, and this fast pace, particularly since I think a much larger proportion of the player base than we realise are quite casual; whereas the more active players who play a lot of matches, and grind for leaderboards/their guilds, etc. are a much smaller proportion, and are the ones who get bored/fed up with the fast pace of matches, etc.

I can agree with many of the points, and/or see how Empowered conversion troops are a turning point in the game, but if what I wrote above is at all accurate, I can understand it, and I just change how I play/approach the game :man_shrugging:.


Very well stated! I believe your assessment is spot on. As you indicated, I have also modified my outlook and playstyle to correlate with the ever changing game flow. I was not necessarily pining for the “good old days” just throwing out some ideas. The primary impetus behind making the thread was not to lament days past. It stemmed from reading many comments regarding how some community members are frustrated with, as one poster stated, the ever increasing “slot machine” aspect of gameplay :smiley:

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Every change to the game that slows down battles (either win or lose) is essentially a nerf to resources. Less games per hour = less resources per hour.
Like the reduction in mana from explosions or solid blocks in dungeons which only serve to slow the game down and nothing else. Someone actually suggested a troop that can spawn those solid blocks, thank god that never eventuated what a stupid idea that would be. So a big no thank you to this idea from me.


slowing down method like OP means will most likely hurt players than help because typically we don’t get troops like that that we want to use offensively, usually because lack of power or lack of beneficial utilities to your own team. so it does very little to slow down AI.

players will mostly likely stack them or find grief enough combo in defense at almost no consequences to slow players down greatly causing no fun time and wear them down mentally. whereas AI doesn’t have feeling to suffer this, yet.

Famine used to have jinx and it is common in the past to see psion double famine defense that greatly slow your mana gain and drain you even before you can get full mana.