Slight Delay in Guild War Rewards/Reset (8th May)

Hi Everyone,

We noticed a couple of issues with the Guild Wars reset on our servers today, so we’ve temporarily stopped the job running while we fix some things.
The delay could be anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours (depends how long it takes to fix and test), but we’ll keep you posted about the progress.

Some of you will have received rewards just fine already, but our Tech Lead, Andrew just wanted to be sure everything was running perfectly.


Quick update… it’s still a couple of hours away from being finished, but everything is well underway.


Okay - the job is running again, and you should start to see guild wars resets happening over the next hour or so.

Edit: and a quick note from our Tech Lead, Andrew… if you joined a guild in the last 3 hours, and you do not see yourself in the Roster for this coming Guild War, please let our support team know, and they’ll fix that up for you.


The paragon/champion etc listing is still incorrect



How can a person with level higher by 400 and max weekly points be demoted from Paragon spot and replaced by someone with lower lvl who lost at least two games previous week? :frowning:

Will this be somehow fixed, or should I make a ticket? (and if I do, can it be fixed manually). Or are we just screwed this week, because for the next 6 days of guild wars we’ll have a weaker Paragon?

Is there anything that can be done about it? (we had similar problem last monday, where a weak person got promoted to Champion rank at the cost of someone who had almost perfect score the week before. I made a ticket then, still waiting for a reply to it … :slight_smile: wasn’t a good week for us. And now another one inc, even worse? :frowning: )

EDIT/ At this point I’m just wondering, what does the guild wars rank depend on? Because it surely isn’t lvl / guild rank / results from the last week (or any combination of those). Is a main defense team score factored in? or maybe average of your teams in general? oO can someone enlighten me, please


:kissing_heart: You’ve been working very hard

Match Masters Paragon/Champion etc list also seems incorrect.

Same for Almost Epic. It’s still based by lvl, not last week’s points.

Ahhh…yes it is purely by level - so very wrong then :sunglasses:

Same for Siedlerpartie. Ranking by lvl. Already responded to last weeks support ticket as well.

it is not based on your level. Like I wrote previously, I’m lvl over 1k, got kicked down from the Paragon rank at the cost of lvl 680. And the person with second highest lvl is a Herald :wink:

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Mine were based on levels untill now. They just changed based on last week’s total points.

@Sirrian @Saltypatra @Nimhain. Can you please check how the brackets are calculated? Our points total is incorrect again this week. According to yesterday we should be in bracket one, not bracket 2. I submitted a ticket as well. Can you comment here? :slight_smile:


Same for Black Dragon

We are fixing (or fixed) a bunch those that are reported in this thread.

Just a side note: The “My Points” for each player (shown on the registration tab) wont be fixed, as we don’t have the manpower to change it for every user, and don’t have a quick way. I apologize as I said this would be fixed this week, but obviously I was wrong.

The other thing is, the Last Week results (that shows the user results) for some guilds will be based on 12am UTC, which is 7 hours before the reset.

On the positive side, we caught some issues during the reset and prevented lower guilds from being affects. So we should be good when the next week ends.


Great! What I posted is not our final score :slight_smile: we still had 23 of 150 battles left yesterday when I posted this screenshot.

We finished well above 870,000

When I went to bed last night, we were ranked sixth in total points well above Audles at that time.


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What about the guild-war-ranks within the guild? This is a pretty big issue, compared to stats being displayed properly.

We are fixing those.


As far as I can tell, there’s no reason whatsoever that both of our guilds shouldn’t be in bracket 1. What’s it take to move up a bracket, devs? The difference is rewards is substantial, so this isn’t a small thing.

@Andrew Dark Riders (bracket 5) are also bugged with wrong gw ranks
i reported it last week in the forum ,and my guild master sent a ticket but nothing was done, and so the bug continues

  • this is third week i am being a soldier while i perform with points above half of the guild plus my level 900+

and the person who gained most points is not a paragon either