Guild Wars member's ranks make no sense - New Bug?!

So some of our best ranking members last week got demoted to Soldier and other’s got promoted to Paragon/Champion like you’d expect. How is this calculated? Members are not happy.

Our guild leader was tied for the 2nd highest points last week but she’s now second from the bottom as a Soldier. Even if you add the scores from the last two weeks together, she should be at least a Vanguard. What gives? She’s not the highest level player in our guild but she’s far from the lowest at 843.

What’s worse is that she was put in as a Champion at the start of the day today and then got switched to Soldier somehow. Why? The fact that she was one of the Champions makes me think this is definitely a bug.

What gives Devs? Can you shed some light on this @Saltypatra or @Nimhain? Hoguns is getting really tired of being hit by all these GW bugs, as I’m sure a lot of guilds are. We came in 2nd overall in the entire GW so we should be happy and excited and enjoying the hell out of Guild Wars but we’re not. We’re frustrated and disappointed and just fed up. If this is true for us, I can only imagine what others are feeling.

Please tell me this is an easy bug to fix and that it will be fixed before tomorrow’s start of Guild Wars or explain to us how it works if it is working as intended because it sure seems broken.

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Are you by any chance ranked by level?

I think it’s a repeat of a bug that happened last week. A few guilds are reporting it here: Slight Delay in Guild War Rewards/Reset (8th May)

We’re affected too (Celestial Peak guild). I know it’s unintentional, but it really sucks that lower level players are not getting the recognition they deserve, repeatedly.

Unfortunately, no; I wish it was something that simple.

We’re seeing the same thing. I’ve had the top points 2 weeks straight with perfect 5/0 on all battles and haven’t budged from vanguard while members half my level and half the points were moved up above me.

Other high level, high score, high win members have been demoted to the bottom ranks as well while low scoring members who didn’t even finish all there battles got bumped up to heralds.

This is demoralizing and annoying at best but how are we supposed to even begin to plan out defenses when weaker players with fewer troops keep getting put into positions where they get slaughtered while our top defenders may never get a chance to take away points from opponents because they’re on the bottom of the tiers?

I understand the dev’s won’t want to give away the secrets of how ranks are calculated to prevent manipulation but there is no rhyme or reason behind these rankings even though we were told that ranks would be based on ‘performance’ after the first week.

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Ive had clean sheets in attacks with right colours and only a herald, paragon this week had less points than me and still higher up, and its not level either because i’m higher level.
I’m wondering if it just changes round in general, so everyone gets a chance at a higher rank?
I dunno, but none of it makes logical sense


Ok, that’s weird. I’m assuming that’s a bug because:

It’s not spelled out, but I would assume that means your performance this week directly affects your ranking next week. Maybe this is just another manifestation of the bug (eg. some player’s scores were counter, others’ were not and that’s how you ended up with a seemingly random ranking).

Devs, please? This is pretty important IMO. Bug or feature?

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I’ve been a lowest rank grunt in our guild despite scoring in something around the top ten in our guild each week so far. There is definitely a glitch in the system.


Pinging @Saltypatra to see if we can get this fixed before the start of GW

Does the last week’s results for your guild look mostly correct on the Rankings tab? Or if that is incorrect, do you have an idea of (or ideally a screenshot) of what the ranks should have been/

With the end-of-week bug happening again this week, we’ve had to rely on retrieving some backup data again. So it may be because that data was a little bit old, but I’m guessing something else went wrong here, which we’ll investigate.

Thxs for getting back to us, @Andrew Yeah using old data would definitely explain it as Heatgun, the specific user I mentioned (my wife and guild leader) did 3 days worth of battles in the last few hours of guild wars yesterday.

I don’t have a screenshot of the guild members scores from last week but we did record them after everyone was done if that would work for you (the totals should total up to our guilds total points which I do believe we have a screenshot of for verification).

If that works for you, just let me know where I should send it (I’d prefer not to post all my members scores here on public if possible). Thxs again, @Andrew.

Our guild had same issue last week and if this is hoguns Gm you gave us a run for our money for sure we were told that devs tally up or do a backup of results 6 hours prior to reset so our guild set a cutoff for completing all battles before that deadline. Something I guess is still apart of the learning curve that is Guild Wars.


That’s the first I’ve heard of that (not that I doubt you, I appreciate you sharing the info).

Np that’s what Gow is about helping each other out when necessary

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Our results from last week appeared accurate from what we can tell. Just the new rankings based on them don’t make sense.

Sorry…apparently the ranks have been reworked since last I looked. They appear much more representative of past results now. Thanks @Andrew!

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@Andrew was able to fix our issue. Thanks again, Andrew!

DarkWarriors are ordered by level not by results of last week.
Something is not going well again.

I don´t have screenshots of last week members actuation in GW but I know sure I ´m not the one who get more points last week, so I must not be the paragon. One of this guys is soldier now, so I don´t understand.

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so it’s 7 hrs before reset they backup on final battles day of the week

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OMG, this is a nightmare. Our (Celestial Peak) rankings are fixed, but now the two new members we had join today are dropped from the list. Why is it so hard to get this right? >_<


Bumping this with a tag to the dev

Any chance this will get fixed before GW starts in two hours? … :stuck_out_tongue: