Slight Delay in Guild War Rewards/Reset (8th May)

Works for us (Vn4ever)

Another week without points for Power Gems.
Guild ranks still not updated

Ignoring bugs which affected the scores and just focusing on the actual scores, in week 1 only Tigerclaw (bracket 2) and Mean Machine (bracket 3) moved up to bracket 1. But they both won their brackets, and finished in the top 10 in overall scores, so it made some sense. Also, the 2 worst teams from bracket 1 were relegated.

However, this week is totally messed up. Specifically, in bracket 1 the 7-9 place teams (Tigerclaw, Mean Machine, Black Pearl) are being relegated, but the 10th place team (Match Masters) isn’t. For promotions, Hoguns and Unrepentant make sense obviously. But promoting Tyrant who finished 5th in bracket 2 and 11th overall instead of DruidsGlade (3rd in bracket 2 and 6th overall) makes zero sense.

I’ve mentioned before that the bracket promotion/relegation needs more transparency, since it’s really hard to understand. But this weeks results totally baffle me…


Agreed… transparency is what’s needed here. Total points are obviously not what matters. So what is it? Winning your bracket? Daily wins? Whatever it is, we kind of need to know so we can focus on it.

All we can do at this point is continue the friendly competition in bracket 2 this week and hope for the best, I guess?

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While this doesn’t necessarily explain some of the oddities @beanie42 mentioned, this is what we know so far about it:

Pure points is too simple a system, since a guild in Bracket say 167 could stomp all the other guilds in their brackets who decide to not post defense teams because their not interested in Guild Wars, giving out first guild a perfect run and score, which could catapult them up to Bracket 1.

My guess is that avarage point gain per day, average wins as well as total points and your placing in your bracket are part of the formula, and are compared to guilds both above and below you before deciding who moves where.

My wild guess here is that Match Masters were more consistent with their scores, and managed a better average daily score, while the other guilds had some very good days, and some not so good days. Again this is completely my own conjecture as I have no way of knowing how any of those guilds did.

Also I don’t think we’ll get a full answer on promotion/relegation, as it would allow undesired play methods to occur. Eg Say you need to only be ahead of the team at the bottom of the bracket above you, and you need to be above 500,000 points as a guild. And say you get some very easy matches early in the week, and the bottom guild in the bracket above you has an abysmal time for some reason, you could in theory see the first guild deciding to stop bothering with guild wars and just not put up much of a fight for the rest of the week, giving their later opponents a (while easy) dis-satisfying match. This is similar to what you see in competitions like the World Cup where teams that win both their first matches in the group stages and are guaranteed to go through (due to other early results) will field second-rate teams for their third match to save their better players for the knockout stage.

In conclusion, I’m not saying more transparency isn’t need it, I think it is. However I think it’s more likely that we’ll get “factors” that influence the decision rather than an exact formula.


@Eika This is my “Last Week Your Results” tab in Guild Wars over in Vn4Ever. You’re Black Dragon, right? Would you mind checking yours to see if they have your last week results correct?

@Saltypatra I assume the results tab should have the results for my guild. Sending this along just in case it helps sort out anything.

Just to add, the ranks for Celestial Peak are not right either. We’re ranked by level again :neutral_face:

Really frustrating because we have some lower levels that are doing a great job and it makes it look like their efforts are not being recognized. I hope this is fixed before people give up on guild wars.

SMB Brothers is also ranked by level, not by points earned last week. Not really fair to those who did really well the prior week to not get that recognition.

Will this also be happen on the consoles?

So you see our results?

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Yup, we can see your score. Not sure which week, though.

Wow, I think that something went wrong with weekly reset :joy:

30 secs 2 match internal ranks also make no sense. Our top 3 points earners are all vanguards while 12 members had higher points than our paragon.

While our paragon & champions are in level order, our heralds are all over the place including members who didn’t even finish all their battles, are low level and are in the lower half of points earned. And many of our top performers are stuck as vanguards.

Not a lick of sense in how the ranks are calculated…

Can we get clarification in exactly what is and what isn’t working on the reset - capturing the previous week’s results - since it is impacting both the ranks and the positions @Sirrian @Nimhain @Saltypatra

It looks like we (Gems are Fruitloops) got hit with the same bug as last week (incorrect data showing for last weeks results). And it appears there was restore of information on the ranking that seems to be a few hours before the reset. The reason I say that is -we’re missing information off the last week’s results, given that everyone finished except one person, which does change our rankings.

More so we should not have moved up (not that i don’t mind) but the team that we were jockeying back and forth actually took the #1 rank slot in our rank the last 15 minutes before reset.

And once again I show 0 for my points on my last week’s result page.

Got no PVP tier rewards, some major bugs this week

Edit, they appeared when i logged out and back in

Hey Devs, @Andrew @Sirrian @Saltypatra @Nimhain any update in our tickets before GW in Tuesday?



Curious as to whether I should file tickets or try more direct approach.

I have 2 new players this week, the first was in the GW roster when he joined, but was removed when the re-rankings hit, the other joined after that and he is listed and ready to go.

So I need one player added to my GW roster.

Continue here and/or send ticket?

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Send a ticket imo, while the devs might start taking names from this thread, a ticket is safer.


Some of my guild mates reported missing rewards. I habitually clicked Claim All and don’t ever notice these things, so I don’t even know if I were affected. Should I send a ticket at all?

I’m still missing some seal rewards from week 1 too. This I know for certain because my seals count are pretty round numbers easy to remember. I haven’t put a ticket for. that either because I just assume it’s a common issue that would get a universal fix for everyone affected, but apparently that hasn’t happen.

@Saltypatra @andrew My guild is missing one on our GW roster still. I just wanted to note that here but I have filed a support ticket (#31579)

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