Since when is it ok to call people cheaters

Because it isn’t feasible. It just takes a single player to make a 30 player guild (plus their allies) keep paying, by repeatedly pushing the limit. If they insist on winning that bidding war their competitors will have an easy time to grab first spot for the next months. It’s really in the best interest of everybody to cooperate.

I’m having my doubts, they wouldn’t have anything to gain, only to lose. Not going to pick sides here though, not a console player, I have no idea what really happened.

It’s totally feasible — that’s why it’s happened in the past :joy:

Not pointing fingers or naming names, but there have been top players/guilds past-and-present that simply spend more because they can afford to, and thus price-out “the plebs.”

Large ties (meaning cross-guild and/or numbering 20+ people) are a relatively recent phenomenon as more Xbox players have been willing to make it cheaper for everyone — the Jonathon Nash solution the “pretty girl” problem :man_shrugging:

You can’t.

Not in-game, anyway — most players’ in-game names do not match their gamertags. So reaching them is effectively the same process as any other platform: shooting a message/search into the dark on discord. You can take one additional shot, hoping a gamertag does match an in-game name, but it’s just as likely to turn up empty.

The tie that was ruined that time was ruined by the 2 people that moved. I was nearly 2000 points away. I stopped to figure out how many loses I needed to take when I looked at totals I noticed 2 ruined their own tie. I actually couldn’t believe it. Their solution blame me. Make up that they tried to contact me. I eventually did contact one of them myself and was given complete and utter nonsense as to why I was not allowed to join tie. I have broken zero ties in the past so they had no reason to think I would this time. Some are known to do it for spite but that’s not me. After she did this I did make her play for a couple more hours as punishment. I spent a bunch of gems because this was like first tie I tried to join. She was doing it all the time so she likely had to get out the credit card so the big winner was Gems of War. :joy:


Did someone hack your account or maybe you bumped your head?

You usually have solid info/comments, but this one is a tad dumb.

Comparing a store queue to an open event? Telling people they must abide by some arbitrary queue that some fools decided was some unwritten “community rule.”


Edit: Also, if I see this happening on pc/mobile, guess who is breaking the rule.


Nope I was not contacted at all. I had no clue who was running the tie and I’m not going to try to contact 20 people to see who is running it. That’s stupid. No one should have moved unless I was a lot closer. The 2 that moved jumped the gun pure and simple and no one contacted me. If you have evidence that disputes that fact please share it. I contacted one person asking why they moved. They said because I was not allowed to join :joy::joy::joy:. So they should explain to the 20 people why they have ants in their pants not me. The funny thing is that person had 2 Zuul already and there was no other boss troop to craft. I would not have tried to join tie if I had the troop. The only reason I tried is because I was missing one power orb and thought since I was off work that day might as well get it so I could craft it. Some one that does not work decided that they needed to prevent me from crafting it for :woman_shrugging: why. For the most part people that work have no time to join ties and certainly no time to watch it so that people like that don’t start moving. When this happened I had 2 options. One was to stop where I was and let them look like fools or charge ahead and make them play for a couple hours and make them get out the credit card. I chose option 2 because I felt bad for the other people that they screwed over for no reason. So at least it cost them some real money.

Hi all, great discussion going on here, just a reminder that there’s a separate category made especially for this topic to help people find these kinds of posts if they need to:


You have your tie confused I guess. Trux was not in the tie. I know who was and one of them is not in your clan anymore because perhaps he quit game. The other one is not a He. There were none from my guild in the tie so try again. As far as playing dumb now that’s funny. You were not involved but injected yourself anyway so who is playing dumb? It certainly isn’t me. You are going off 2nd hand information and they are basically a liar and I would tell them that to their face. The other person that moved also said I was contacted and I told him to show proof and he quickly changed the subject. He knows it was nonsense. I’m not the guild master either so you even have that wrong. You are really not up on your facts. I really have no clue why this at least 2 year old stuff is being brought up. It has nothing to do with folks getting called cheaters on forums. If a tie happens I am happy for all folks involved. If a tie gets broken I will not lose any sleep over it and I most likely won’t be affected by it in the slightest. So go have yourself a happy evening.

Joining a tie in a class event is a little tricky, each of the 5 battles is worth different points and if you lose a troop you lose 1 point with no way to make up that point. Usually if that happens then as a courtesy everybody else will purposefully lose a troop in a battle so the points will be even still. This obviously requires communication. I don’t recall if this was the case in the event in question but maybe it was?

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It does not require communication. It requires math. I stopped to do the math but in the mean time 2 people moved. That’s what happened. Those 2 people can disagree all they want but that is what happened. If you have a known person that has broken a tie before perhaps they would have been smart to do it but I had never broken a tie before. Not liking someone is not a reason to think they are going to break a tie. I can not like a person in another guild and still share the reward for 1st with 20 people no problem. Look at it this way. If someone already has 2 Zuul then why in the world would I care if they got a 3rd. There was no other boss troops back then. I needed 1 power orb and had zero incentive to make sure another person didn’t get it as well. If they had thought before moving then they maybe could have avoided what happened.

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As I previously said, this reads like a highschool clique.

I don’t know the whole story here between you two. What I do know is that you say people need to ask permission. That’s the “right thing” to do and is “common courtesy”. It is neither one of those. You made an arbitrary rule.

If someone breaks a tie, that’s one thing. But needing to ask permission to join, really? :roll_eyes:


Okay @Snooj, that’s all well and good, but you seriously think you can just join a tie without asking and still sit with us?



If everyone is tied at 12k and I have 10,200 and 2 people at 12k move then who broke the tie? Asking for a friend. :joy:. That’s what happened.


That gif is perfect and exactly how I imagine this. :rofl:

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This is stupid and something needs to be done, It’s either way and someone gets hurt. Building a tie is great team work by the community or it’s cheating. Not joining a tie makes you a cheater in everyones eyes, joining a tie makes you a cheater in someones eyes. So much bad blood on this subject, I don’t even wanna go for that orb ever again. Simple solution, close the leaderboards and add personal reward tiers to the games, just as there are guild rewards.

If you don’t have notifications on you probably won’t know you have a message until you actually check for it. On Xbox I get a lot of messages from random people asking my gender or age and some abusive messages when I play GTA so I turned notifications off and one of the people on my friends list once sent me a message that I didn’t even see until months later.

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This discussion is becoming utterly ridiculous. So now players have to ask permission to score a certain amount of point in an event if that amount of points is going to make them join a tie for first place? That sounds a lot like entitlement and elitism to me.

That’s just bullshit. Any amount of points you score in an event is no-one’s business but your own.

I understand that the players that are already in that tie may become nervous if someone new joins the tie, but that is simply the risk they chose to take when agreeing to collude on making a tie for first place.


Can I just say this is the most ridiculous thread I have ever read? :eyes:


I laughed so good over a few comments, this may beat the old Vangor thread of Harold. :joy: :rofl: :clap: :bowing_man:

Well since you asked for permission first.
Yes you may.
But had you joined the conversation without asking (or joined a tie without asking) then…

200 (7)


Thank you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It’s supposed to be generic example. The principle is basically the same, an exercise in cooperation to maximize the sum of benefits over all participants. If you want to talk specifics in regards to GoW events:

  • Max benefits is reached by as many players as possible going for a tie in the first spot
  • Cooperation is easier to achieve with someone taking a lead role, e.g by telling participants at which score the tie is supposed to take place
  • Things likely to disrupt current/future cooperation:
    – Participants breaking out of the negotiated tie, lowering the trust level
    – Participants attempting to exclude other participants, creating a second party going for the first spot on their own

There aren’t any means to prevent someone from intentionally disrupting cooperation attempts. And there shouldn’t ever be any, everybody is free to score as much as they want. However, players “not playing ball” (as in “trying to make everybody lose out, for the laughs”) may find their guild options somewhat limited. Few like to play together with That Guy who just wants to see the world burn.

As for the recent Xbox drama, feels like a lot of confusion and misunderstanding is going on there. Maybe they’ll figure it out and cooperate, then everybody will benefit. Or maybe they’ll each insist on being right, then everybody will lose out. It’s actually quite fascinating, you’d think they’d just need to shake hands and start working together but apparently they need to assign “blame” first. Maybe they should toss a coin. :smirk: