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Since when is it ok to call people cheaters

38 people that scored over 2 million points in bounty spent lots of gems to do it. I would not do that because that takes too much time and way more gems than I’m willing to spend. Ties are allowed. I do not see the problem since every tie I have seen has been pretty dang expensive. I just don’t see why someone is allowed to come to forums and call all those people out for cheating and nothing is done about it. These people spent their time/gems/money on the event and should not get harassed on forums because someone decided unilaterally that they are cheating.


I know exactly who your talking about and im glad that he wasn’t included in the tie. Its never okay to call people cheaters but sadly there are people in the world that will make accusations…or in my case “Hackusations” about others achievements. I made a trophy post some time ago and I got my fair share of hate for “hacking”

But if you try to combat the stupid points made by these people they will just think of some other stupid stuff to say. Ya cant win against their massive egos so we’ll just have to ignore em.


2 million points, how many gems is required for that?

How to define cheating?
Did they use of prohibited methods?
They use lots of gems to finished their score,so someone call they cheaters?
But i understand it call jealousy


It’s a mix of both jealousy and pure sadness and frustration built up over time, I think. Seeing the same 40 players in every event pairing together at 2mil + points - and some players can therefore get the idea that “Hey, some players doing this for sport, no doubt, they are cheating”. You just know that it will never ever be your turn ever to win the jackpot. In the length it might be a water melon to swallow. But for many of us (like me and you) we know that the time and gem spent for getting that Power Orb wont be worth it, nonetheless.


Never argue with an idiot. First they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.


If the game allows to do it, how could it be cheating? I don’t get some people… I stopped trying to get that Orb of power, because someone always had more gems/money or time than I did. So as I didn’t win, wouldn’t it be great if instead of few, there would be 50 people, that got the first place instead. It means money for the game, game for us. Some just can’t be happy for others, it’s not always about being a sore loser, it’s those voices whispering to you… They laugh at you… You look like a fool… Do you even try… I stopped hearing those whispers 25 years ago, as I finally jumped over that flagpole with my Mario. That moment felt like flying…


There is a reasonable discussion to be had about exploits vs intended game behaviors. Abusing a glitch is something the game allows, but it is arguably cheating since that isn’t how the developers intended for players to play the game. It does not seem like the OP of the doomed thread wanted to have this discussion, though.


Some events are set to get a specific and exact score if you play a specific number of battles at specific conditions.
It’s not a glitch, it’s not cheating, it’s not an exploit, it’s simply how the game is designed.
You do that, you get that exact score and the formula is of public domain.


There was this great game I played a while back that unfortunately had its moderators be volunteers with the minimum age requirement of 13. One of them thought kiting was cheating and started banning players for it. She said it was exploiting how monsters moved or something. It caused a whole big thing with people quitting, myself included, as many of us and other mods thought kiting was fine. Eventually the company itself stepped in to say kiting is fine, but by then the damage was done.

There is an interesting discussion to be had on what is exploiting and what isn’t. Jumping straight to banning when it isn’t an obvious exploit is bad practice. I still maintain the other person was a troll, or maybe a kid.


A question was asked earlier. How many gems is needed to reach 2mil points in the bounty events?

Well under 10k.

Much closer to half that.

It’s easy enough to do the math.

And it’s so few that even I, a player who has never bought a gem subscription, could afford to join a tie similar to last weekend’s 8 times over — an entire Zuul’s worth! — before even half my stores would be gone.

There is no conspiracy here. There is budgeting (and, yes, I am sure in the case of some, spending of real cash. But those folks keep the lights on, so don’t poo-poo them, especially when they tried to keep the buy-in as low as it could be without some jerk inflating the costs for everyone)

Any game on PC you can assume there are cheaters.
Did anyone get high score using the Switch?

Oh, yeah… same as you can assume that anything writen on internet could be written by a complete idiot…
But same as above statement - each case must be proven 1st, before throwing acusations on people :man_shrugging:

Heck I could say that huge bunch of people voting in elections are idiots, and each time I see results of such elections → it proves my point… But that’s a bit off-topic…

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Xbox has a long history of having a dozen or more players tie for first so everyone gets a nice prize. Trust worthy players from trust worthy guilds who ask to join the multi-tie are generally welcome to do so. What is not welcome is thinking you may join the tie without asking first.

That’s interesting. If you weren’t aware of that tradition (asking to join the tie), how would you become aware? And what happens if a new player shows up and joins the existing tie, without having asked first?


Why on earth would you have to ask?


No one needs to ask to join a tie. If someone wants to join tie or blast past the tie they are Free to do so. It’s their gems and it’s not up to anyone else to dictate how they spend them. The issue is not whether someone joins or breaks a tie. The issue is calling people cheaters for doing something that is allowed. 38 people spent plenty gems to get a power orb and someone else for whatever reason has a problem with it. The cost of 5000 gems is more than the cost of a power orb so I do not see what the problem is. If 100 people tied and spent only 500 gems then maybe the Devs would have a problem on their hands but we all know that’s not the case. Tie or no tie the cost of power orbs are very high.


No one has to ask — the goalposts are just likely to start moving if those holding them get nervous at the approach of an unknown quantity :joy:


Exactly. What is the point of gatekeeping this? What are they going to do to stop you, tell you not to sit at their lunch table like middle school? People can play the game however they like so long as it doesn’t violate any community rules or exploits. Cooperation can be beneficial to everyone, but is by no stretch of the imagination compulsory, most especially on a competitive leaderboard.

Lol, if any of these “trust worthy players” tried to tell people they couldn’t participate in the tie because they didn’t ask, I’d 100% root for the person being arbitrarily excluded to pull out their credit card and blast that tie to hell at 2 minutes prior to the daily reset just to stick it to folks trying to power trip in a game.