Show me the mythics. Who has the most cards mythic? (Rankings)


Im not there yet, Im sitting around 290.
BUT, funny story… this got me thinking that I should level up some of these mythics to lvl 20.
And that’s when I discovered I’ve been rocking PvP with a level 15 Famine!!!
Oh the shame! :flushed:


OK that’s about what we do. 20 on the first day and then 5 or so spread across the week.


Maybe it can be done like this:

You can see in the screenshot that I have 7 troops that are not mythic, and am not missing anything (sorted by level, Show all is enabled). Post a screenshot where you have less non-mythics than me, and you win.

(Even if you’re missing more, I assume the same is possible with multiple screenshots - if you show parts of the same cards to prove continuity)


@yonizaf less counting the other way,.

@Aelthwyn I just checked last week and when we got Death, it was the 7th legendary. So that means it was in the initial flood of legendaries in the first night. Try front loading your legendary tasks for the next month and see if that makes a difference.


Yes, that is an idea.


We got War on Friday


Since less than 10 people have posted screenshots… I’m still in the top 10!


That’s still correct. I keep my collection (mostly) up to date manually.


I can tell this thread will be a bit of work. Any volunteers to do a console version of the thread?


Not me. I’ve got enough going with the weekly console update thread. Honestly, you won’t get many posting there anyway, especially after they see @Rickygervais’ number. I wouldn’t worry about it.


We Match Masters folks only got our first Mythic from a task yesterday lol. It was Plague. Hey, at least one person didn’t have Plague yet, so we still win.

I will be quite a bit farther along next time I go for some chests, I have some Ultras from events that are just waiting, and my remaining Guardians are very near finished too.


Hmmm only 313 for me right now. Enough for an honorable mention but fewer than @Shimrra which is kinda annoying… I generally don’t buy the weekly troops straight to Mythic each week… not sure what I am saving the 90k Glory for… maybe time to rethink my strategy… or go open some chests…

@esslee you must be high on this?


310 here. The only event troops I ever bother maxing out are the epics that give 2x arcanes.


I really should start using ashtender… I had to count mine manually :frowning:

Only 293 mythics for me but about a dozen others are close so 300 should be possible once I open my hoard of keys when the new mythic is released next week.


Plague seems to be the mythic of unlucky guilds. :smile:

Regarding the mythics, I also have 312 of them.



@Aelthwyn show us a screenshot and I’ll put you on the leaderboard.
@Jainus and @Tacet your rankings are updated.

In general hoarding for the new mythic is an effective strategy, but it’s more fun to open chests. Which you choose depends on your personality. I’m a hoarder myself. @Jainus I assume you’re hoarding that 90k glory to buy extra event keys for the new city and new legendary. I’ve been buying arcanes with my glory, but I applaud your hoard. @Tacet has definitely one of the most impressive hoards so far.

@DonBoba I lowered the honorable mention to your level since that just a nudge below where the high scores are going. You’ve done 3 updates today, what a rockstar!


Here’s my latest. I’m still stuck at 300 until I spend keys on 4/7. Maybe then I can earn an honorable mention myself.


I have 104k Glory again, and I’ve been maxing out Ultras and Rares from events recently. It just keeps coming back!


Im at 308 now :upside_down_face: