"Shining Force 1" ever week bracket 1. easy requirements with big rewards . looking for a good player

Just message me if you’re intrested.
Greetings Maximus.

I’m interested. I was part of Winter Dragon up until last week. My friend convinced me to go back to his guild, then decided to stop playing over the weekend…

Anyhow, I’m an active daily player. All of my kingdoms (with the exception of the newest) are level 10, so all my gold can go into the guild. Also, since the soulforge update, I have been able to get my best cards fully upgraded so that I can be more competitive in PVP. I’m level 393 now. Hit me back if you’re interested in me.

On which GW bracket the winter dragon guild was into?
And how mich gw points you earn?

2 open spaces at Shining Force1.
Easy requirements - bracket 1 guild.