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Dao has been in chests for quite a while now. He’ll eventually show up in the forge.

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Average Tier Buy in per member to close all rewards in the world event is Tier 2 (approx 70 battles).


We are tracking everything, including the difficulty. Any data is appreciated though. Just click the link and I’ll get your permissions set up in a couple of hours when I’m back at the pc :grin:



Guess I will wait try getting the band members until the moon has been added in the vault rewards then.

Thanks :smiley: Couple of minutes later, a guildmate pulled Aquaticus with 15 event keys from the guild tasks :joy:

I try very hard to keep my complaints to myself instead of sticking them in these spaces, but today’s aggravation just feels the need to be let out…

… so whose idea was it to construct this event where we can only use Merfolk troops, but both the Amber Partisan and the Iron Wave are off limits for our Hero? Those are the first two weapons that came to mind as what I’d want to use this week.



I have to disagree, weirdly :sweat_smile: or at least I think I’d prefer it wasn’t called “Community Week” and instead renamed “5.6 Patch Apologies” :stuck_out_tongue:, if that’s what it is. Otherwise it feels like an underhanded buyout that if accepted condones the issues, rather than a sincere celebration of and focus on the community.

I’m all for having a celebratory Community Week and gifts, etc., but I’d rather it be its own thing and independent of muck ups like last week/the patch release.

If it was planned in advance of the bugs, etc. though, then I’d love to hear more about it.

Edited. I suppose, actually, with the Social Collectibles in there – title, emoji set, unicorn portrait – it probably was planned in advance. Just bad timing from my perspective, though :sweat_smile: or unfortunate that there were lots of bugs with the release to shadow it. That being said, I wouldn’t mind a post about it (ideally acknowledging the above) ¯_(ツ)_/¯.


Sure. Each event key has a .11% chance of dropping a mythic. So, on average, it takes 909 keys to get a mythic. You’re above average, but not so much so that it’s unusual.


That was my thought, when I first saw it. Incredibly poor timing and poor taste. They haven’t really had a good track record lately and this smacks of ulterior motive rather than just thanking us for playing.

I then checked the forum and laughed that NO ONE was talking about it. It’s better to keep it that way.

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I have only one question!
How can a shark drown? :dizzy_face:

Some sharks, however, have completely lost the ability to breathe by buccal pumping, and these are the sharks that will indeed drown if they stop swimming and ramming water. These sharks are known as obligate ram breathers (or obligate ram ventilators ); only about two dozen of the 400 identified shark species are required to maintain this forward swimming motion [source: Bennetta]. These include the great white shark, the mako shark, the salmon shark and the whale shark.


Also coming here as a shark nerd to say Tonic Immobility (which coincidentally is how orcas kill sharks) can cause drowning, also shark finning :disappointed_relieved: and pulling them backwards.

Couldn’t help myself, years living by the sea in aus (as a non Australian) made me want to equip myself with sharky facts


Uncle Rambo wants to thank the Devs. He managed to find a Valraven at Sunday afternon using a vault key.


After spending all my gems for 50x4 Event chests, I finally grab it. Thanks for the good wish :slight_smile:

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It’s very ironic to release a shark during the 5.6 bug. I guess we will see if they have truly jumped the shark soon enough.

In case anyone wondering which deeds we get so far from AB. Since all colors completed in 5 days, I was wishing for a different rewards for weekend but I’m not complaining :grinning: Thanks for all the deeds :heart_eyes:


Not sure what you mean? There are 6 colors and we just got our 6th. Tomorrow after reset will be interesting.

Oh please be imperials on every tier. That would be kickass.


Because we got the red ones on the 3rd day as well as Blue.
They weren’t attached to the event though so nice rng pull.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing some war coins.