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Still doesn’t work properly. Trample skull damage and double mana generation and occasional double hits the more you play.

the sun, freddi fretfiddler and hoagi humbucker. another guildie got the same band members and another 2 each got 1 of the of the band members. So as a guild we saw all 4 last night.

I do wonder if they added any new campaign troops to the vault rewards, and if someone pulled it yet?

How about the moon?

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haven’t seen it, don’t know if anyone in guild has pulled it. The Sun was from last campaign rewards.

I see. I just don’t see any reasons to hunt the new band gnomes if there is no new tarrot cards added to the drop pool that I need.

Up to you and how you play. Just informing on what we have seen out there. Don’t need any of the tarot cards, just need 2 of the band to be back at max.

Good to know the band gnomes and the sun was in the drop pool. But I already knew that.

Guess I’m not sure what you are asking

I do wonder if they added any new campaign troops to the vault rewards, and if someone pulled it yet? (Except from The Sun, The Emperor or Heart of Rage.)

Xbox One
14th key: Cindi Savagelips
34th key: Fredi Fretfiddler
98th key: Hoagi Humbuckler
102nd key: Hoagi Humbuckler
123rd key: Fredi Fretfiddler
126th key: Baz Bonebeater

1 Heart of Rage
0 The Sun
0 The Emperor

I could see this going really badly for some people. …


New campaign troops like Wereraven and Shade of Kurandara get added to their home kingdom event pulls or regular chests a few weeks after their campaign ends. They never enter the Vault.


And the Moon probably won’t be added till next season, be silly to put a current reward in the vault.

Are you tracking everything or the cedric rewards?

@Hawx I can assist in the data gathering — I haven’t spent my keys yet, but can offer a couple hundred to the cause, probably (only exception is if I get lucky and have to save the rest :laughing:)

Following your instructions now that I’ve re-read them…


Thanks for the Community Week presents on the AB, devs! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thanks, how about the moon?

I have no control over what is in current campaign and not. For me Campaign simply doesnt exist.

The Moon is part of this current Campaign and won’t be available in the Vault till a few weeks after this Campaign ends.


How about Dao?