Share your Forest Guardian team!

Forest Guardian is kind of fun! A variant of Infernal King without the AoE damage, he does have the advantage of being able to self-fuel, and as a more defensive troop, can bolster a Beast team. What’s clicked for you, if anything?

My favorite team thus far is a variant on the Infinite Boar Rider team without the Boar Rider:

Hero / Archer*** / Mang (Assassin*** works as well)
Giant Spider*
Green Seer
Forest Guardian*** (though third trait is not needed),giant-spider,green-seer,forest-guardian?banner=forest-of-thorns

The idea is to set up a loop between the Spider and Seer as usual, and once the board is a mix of purple and green (and after Guardian has filled up): cast Spider on green to fill the board with purple, then Guardian to make a screen full of skulls. Archer or Assassin will sometimes kill a troop outright, and if you ever get stalled, or if Seer Entangles the first troop and you have a spare moment, a cast of Mang makes the Hero much more deadly. Mang also is Red/Brown so it doesn’t block any of the other troops, and doesn’t become a liability if Frozen (e.g., Bone Dragon). If the Hero dies, Spider will summon a Red Swarm that again doesn’t block the loop; Guardian gives Barrier to itself, Giant Spider, and (if summoned) Spider Swarm for some extra survivability.

It’s a fun team, and quite powerful; it rarely concedes the turn once it gets rolling. Team weakness, as with any other looping team, is Mab, though since you’re very often matching Green alongside Skulls thanks to Forest Guardian, it’s possible to work around a Frozen Hero at least. Also, all damage is Skull damage so Sylvanimora can be a problem if her trait gets a chance to Entangle the Hero (although Bullseye and Assassinate will still proc in this case).

Feel free to share your own creations below!

P.S. Does anyone else think of this when they see Forest Guardian?


Fenrir upfront the team could work, a little slower because of green mana being blocked, but if you have the Guardian’s third trait then things will be easier in this sense.

But even Dire Wolf would fit well in the first spot because of his new trait Entrapment allows double skull damage on Entangled enemies, something his spell provides with a chance to not lose your turn if there are 13+ gems on the board and Green Seer also provides entangled enemies for him as well as a board full of green gems. And Hunter’s Mark from Dire Wolf’s spell for double skull damage is really powerful.

It’s your time to shine @HKdirewolf!!!

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Just thought to share this great art with you. So beautiful and looks quite like a Forest Guardian with a little elf on the top. I will come back with a Forest Guardian team when I have found one. My first thought about this class was to have Black Manacle with Warden, but looks like Archer is better with the instant kill 15% chance, as you said.


As an update to this team, I’ve been using Warden class, with the beast perk, since he then gets the barrier from forest guardian, along with giant spider.