Server Maintence (1st Feb 2017)

Hey Guys,

We’re going to be doing some server maintenance in about half an hour.

We’re not expecting any downtime but there may be some interruptions.


Thanks for the heads up. :thumbsup:


Server Maintenance for PC/ Mobile is now complete.

We will be starting the server maintenance for Consoles shortly.

Thank you very much for the information.

That was quick.

Hi, Nim. I’d been in the game only for about 15 minutes, maybe 20, and at first it seemed like the Global Chat was working, but now it isn’t (at the time I type this).

Would this be due to the server maintenance and issues y’all are working super hard to rectify?

We’re looking into the Chat servers currently.

They’re different servers so it shouldn’t be related, but I will double check with the rest of the team.

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Cool! :smiley:

Thanks much to all you fine peeps, Nim!!! I’m sure y’all are doing everything you can. :smile_cat:

Global Chat should be back up. Chat going down is unreleated to the server maintenance

Server maintenance should now be finished on consoles.