Chat Server Maintenance - All Platforms now complete

Today we will be switching our chat across to new servers. We believe there shouldn’t be any outages during this time, but we’re going to give the heads-up, just in case.

During the period of the changeover, you may notice some weirdness. Such as players being in a chat room, but no messages coming through. This will most likely be because for a short period of time, we will have the two chat servers running. It will only be after you restart the app (or wait an hour or two within the app) that it will put you on the new servers.

We will let you know once we’ve deployed out the new servers, so then you will be able to restart and be on the shiny new servers. Keep an eye on this post for updates.


Hey Andrew. Is this Console only, or across Console/PC/Mobile?

Sorry, it’s PC/Mobile only to begin with. We will roll out later onto console (most likely next week) if this migration goes well.

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Any new features/functions or just better reliability?


No new features for now, just better reliability. However there may be some initial teething issues, as with any migration.

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Update - we will be doing all platforms today.

We are performing the migration now. For now, it is best to stay connected to the old chat, and try to not restart until we say.

Server migrations are complete. The old server may not work now, so if you are having difficulties, we suggest you restart so you will be on the new servers.


thanks for the heads-up

I have restarted Steam and game, chat still not working. Times out really quickly. 7:18pm EST.

UPDATE: Figured it had to be me, disabled PeerBlock, restarted game, and now chat server is reachable. Will have to add exception to PeerBlock.