Salted Caramel is looking for active players (PC/Mobile)

Salted Caramel is looking for active players. Level 100+/1000S/100T/10k Gold, Guild Wars is a must. Discord is optional but recommended for more info or just ask here or if you see me in global…my in game name is Queen Angel

1.) If inactive for 7 days (according to in game profile) you will be removed unless prior notice was given to KoA or QA.
2.) Must participate in all Guild events, Raid 200 Damage Points , Invasion 10 Towers and Tower of Doom 5 Dooms.
3.) Guild Wars is mandatory and you must complete all 5 battles on the day they become available, not the next day or middle of week or end of week.
4.) 1000 Seals, 100 Trophies and 10k Gold per week
5.)Discord is optional but recommended.

We are an active guild with chatty and helpful players. Levels ranging from 100 to 1000+

I love the name - good luck!

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We have many spots available just ask any questions you have and hopefully we can be the right guild for you.

we still have openings for active players

as of now we have 9 spots available

Still room? Also is the guild finishing all the task?

If you finish the blue task, then i can help.

The blue task is normally the one that everyone contributes to and we did finish it last week

Good I will give you a shot (tomorrow once all the reward from my current guild is done)
, I should be able to provided 300K+ every week… the current 600K of my current guild is getting to be a lot. Do I send my invite code on the discord?

Yes that is fine

Still have openings for active players

we still have openings for active players

still openings for active players

we have 1 opening left for an active player

We are currently full

we have 2 spots available

Hello my name is WildeKarde and i was wondering if you still had openings… if so i would like to join on monday so i can finish out this week with the guild i am in and give them notice… thank you for your time:)

We have 1 spot available as of right now but possibly more by the end of week

awesome thank you… my invite code is CALLIOPE_YKH2… i will be ready on monday if you still have a slot open.

Ok not a problem will know by weekly reset if more spots open up