Salted Caramel is no more(PC/Mobile)

Salted Caramel is disbanding so we are no longer recruiting

I love the name - good luck!

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Still room? Also is the guild finishing all the task?

If you finish the blue task, then i can help.

Good I will give you a shot (tomorrow once all the reward from my current guild is done)
, I should be able to provided 300K+ every week… the current 600K of my current guild is getting to be a lot. Do I send my invite code on the discord?

Hello my name is WildeKarde and i was wondering if you still had openings… if so i would like to join on monday so i can finish out this week with the guild i am in and give them notice… thank you for your time:)

awesome thank you… my invite code is CALLIOPE_YKH2… i will be ready on monday if you still have a slot open.

ok I have left mt other guild… if you still have a spot open please send an invite… tyty