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Rip Prince (1958-2016)

One of the greatest has left us!

Purple Rain became Purple Tears…

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Was never really a Prince fan but any death is a sad thing. Was more upset by the recent death of supreb female comedian Victoria Wood, but that maybe my British bias :slight_smile:

Edit: Language Warning for link

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In sadder news, Kanye has been reported as being alive and well…

Really sad about this loss, thoughts go out to his family and friends…

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Which one?

When the news came Prince had died, a friend as over and he told me while i was making thea for us. I couldn’t believe the news.
I never concidered myseld a fan, but i liked to hear his tracks from the 80’s/ early 90’s and apriciated him for his great songwriting and producing.

I was really busy with some stuff needed for 2.0 when I got told. I’d been so busy I hadn’t gotten to read the news yet.

Another great artist has left us again, he will be missed by many.