RIP Chester Bennington



Dude wtf? Geez that sucks… That makes me real sad… Real talk


ikr. only at 41y of age :frowning:






This is the best and most sadding to listen to now.


Man… This makes me damn depressed


I’m tired of being what you want me to be

Great line there from the song Numb.
Nowadays out there in the society there is so much expectations for everyone.
Being an artist is also a rollercoaster, more or less brutal.


All these good musicians dying, i’m starting to think the star whackers a real, why would he do this? On Chris cornells birthday as well. Rip Chester B., another good man gone.


6 kids and a wife man, why?why would he do this. It doesn’t make sense. I guess life gets hard.


I dont understand, how are we supposed to answer your question?


I spent soooo much time in my early adulthood jammin out to hybrid theory while playing video games on mute… This really sucks

R.I.P. Chester… You wll be missed brudda :cry:


I rewrote it so it’s a full sentence now , sorry. I’m a good fragmenter.


You never know what goes on behind closed doors or in someones head… But it just doesnt make sense to me either…


Him and Chris are the biggest shockers I’ve ever heard. And he was very close with Chris. Just too crazy. Rip is all I can say.


I remember kurt tho like 30 years ago… That one made me real sad too


New song/video just released today.

Edit. Sorry, I don’t know how to embed. Maybe I am not able just yet. Here’s the link.
Edit #2 - Nevermind.


I was 8 when that happened. But a lot have died in music so to see then make it to 40 I guess is a bigger shocker.
Musicians don’t last long unless it’s Clapton or Santana. Or all the big hair bands still kicking.
Ozzy will out live them all.