Ring Fit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

Today Ring Fit Adventure was released onto the world. I can’t properly express how impressed I am by this game. I for see it catching on like wild fire for gamers and non gamers. If you want to see how your fitness stacks up against other Gemmers. Please follow the helpful steps below:

Step 1
Play Gems of War and support the game financially.
Step 2
If you can afford it after vip level 5 and buying Deathknight Armor. Purchase a Nintendo Switch and Ring Fit Adventure.
Step 3
Make a forums account so you can post a comment here.
Step 4
I advise against it. But technically you can skip steps 1 and 2.
Step 5
Post your Nintendo Switch User Name and Friend Code in the comments below.
Step 6
Don’t get weird if someone doesn’t accept your friend request.
Step 7
After your work out and cool down. Play Gems of War. :grinning:

AWRYAN = SW-2230-7953-4329

Hmmm discourse doesn’t like just a name and code. So post your favorite color as well. Lol