Have fun with <A><B><Y><X> (recruiting on switch)

We are lookin for active players who wanna grow fast and have fun in guild chat :wink:

If you wanna join a competitive guild with low requirements (250 seals and 500k gold (if all your kingdoms arent level 10 you dont have to donate anything till you got’em at 10) and if you wanna grow fast, feel free to contact me here via pm or on discord (CaptainAwesome#2384) or go to channel 100 on switch and ask for Gabi or me.

Most of us speak german but english speaking players are welcomed aswell and will get the same attention.

We gurantee 40k seals every week (always before friday) and complete all epic task during the week.
Guild event rewards will be completed if the effort is worth it (99% of the time it’s no biggie :wink: )

Discord isnt required but would be useful to give you the maximum value of our help. (Switch chat can be kinda exhausting after a while :wink: )
Otherwise feel free to spam our guild chat with questions about the game (plenty of mostly unknown tips & tricks included :wink: )

Guild rank #11
Guild war bracket 1

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Currently 0 spots available
Aug '22

I’m interested but don’t have chat and no I’m not banned just have parental controls. I’m also a lvl 408. I was trying to contact feedle to get into CFH. Once I’m done being sick I should get a time limit for communication. if you put the req lvl to 400 and open I’ll join.

Since SilverStream doesnt want to stay (left guild and blocked me here) there is again a spot available :wink:

I didn’t block you. I only left cause I needed a break from things. I’m back on gems of war.