Reverting Hot Fix Changes

Ahoy adventurers, just letting you know that now that our fixes are working we are reverting the temporary changes we made to Essence of Evil, The Devoted, Justice, Loyalty, Courage, Humility, Sacrifice and Honor.


Sorry, but not working. Lycanthropy seems to crash pvp matches. PS4


Luna casting lycanthropy on enemy hero still crashes the game on Xbox.


Thanks for the update. Is this only affecting console, or also PC? Our team is looking into this now,

I assume versions are the same throughout all platforms (5.5.1r27557) except for Switch maybe, it’ll be the same for PC/Mobile as well.

I can’t check that though. Let’s wait for someone to test and reply.

I’ve only gotten reports thus far for console, which is why I’d like to confirm.

Our team are asking if everyone affected can force restart their game and console. If this doesn’t help, please let us know.

Thank you for your patience, we have deployed a hot fix for this issue. You won’t need to restart your games or consoles for it to come into effect.


Pc working fine, so far with Lycantrophy.

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When is the fix coming to make Lycanthropy transform troops into half the level and Untraited?

Until that is rolled out the mechanic is just different shades of broken.

I’m aware that the devs are aware of the “feedback”. The feedback is based on revisions of transform that your own designers taught us.

The way Lycanthropy currently works is just a huge slap in the face in regards to ALL the feedback given about delves taking too much time. A level 500 troop transforming back to full life and armor because I have purple Mana troops in on my team is complete and utter bull shit.

So instead of Devaluing your power orbs even more in hopes of making more money. Make a better version of Gems of War where Lycanthropy is a negative status effect instead of a way to make the game slower and grinder. See how much more profit you make when intelligence is used again.


+1 Good Sir. I would have thought that an obvious fix to an existing problem.

Some things have changed in the ten (10) weeks I was away from the Game (Doomed Club, verified this morning while playing Campaign “Mace” task). I will trust but verify Doomed Blade was fixed as well. :+1: to the Team, tyvm.

Some things haven’t. (Broken Forum Links/Lycanthropy) The Links might only affect me, the Lycanthropy affects the Game, and all who play it.

:grinning: Please, Dev team, adjust the Lycanthropy affects. (or is it spelled effects? I will find out later) (Big smile vs Slight smile)
:slight_smile: If you (meaning the Dev team) have the time, would U kindly also look at the Forum change from 2019. I am aware there is a work around, it does not work for me, and it might not work for all past, present and future Gem players.

(Salty said Bullet Points help her identify Action Points. If we all use smiley, rage or other faces to help her sift thru cluttered rants (Usually mine), that might assist in the process of change. Just my thought, do with it as U please, dearest reader)

Working towards a brighter tomorrow. Cheers all. :+1:

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Casting justice on doomskull spawn regular skull and casting on lycan gem spawn purple