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5.5.1 Hot-Fix Released

Originally published at: 5.5.1 Hot-Fix Released – Gems of War

We have released a hot fix for the 5.5 Update to address the following issues: Lycanthropy caused the game to crash when it triggers on a Hero This issue has been fixed but we have delayed reverting changes to Lycanthropy and Essence of Evil until early next week. This will give players a chance to…


That is excellent news, @saltypatra.

Reasons I left the game (followed by my opinion, not fact):

A lot of these arguements/issues have been made in other threads and by players better informed and more articulate than me. I am not here to rehash old arguements. I am merely listing my list of grievances, and asking their status as of this hot-fix.

If you don’t like this game, why don’t you just leave”. I have left, in 2017, 2020, and now 2021. It’s a great community, and a fun (at times) game. Every time I think I’m out, it pulls me back in.

Robot Chicken Star Wars Special Spoiler Alert: It’s 2021, you might think everyone has seen a SW movie from 1983 at this point, but there are new generations of fans. My now 10 year old nephew has finally been allowed to see LotR. In Dec…(Hey, you said SW; I’m getting to it, I’m making a point, please read on). Okay, my bad
Tl;dr, he’s seen SW and LotR at this point, but there are future generations who haven’t. RC Bespin SceneThis community is very great, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

  • Lycanthropy: It should (I’ve been told thru counseling I “shouldn’t” use should statements; bit of a conundrum that, no?)…I wish it would cut in half the effected troop’s level when triggered, similar to The Possessed King’s spell (forum link broken)
  • Forum Links Broken: There is a work-around, it works for some people, it does not work for me. It’s not a game breaker, it is a QoL issue, and one that is not a high priority. It is merely something that I hope gets addressed “someday” (2-3 years down the line, not necessarily “soon” (6 months to 2 years from now)
    (I’m learning to speak Australian. Not passing judgement, just saying. Stay active in the forums long enough, and lowered expectations will happen. I do not wish to make Salty feel uncomfortable when I say I love her, I mean it platonic-ally, not romantically, but I love her and everything you do for the community)
  • Connectivity issues: These were primarily and perhaps even entirely related to my rounter, but there were other issues affecting other players, and these appear to have been RESOLVED during my absence. Tyvm, big time
  • The nerf to Skeleton Key: I felt it was pretty well balanced (agree to disagree with the staff and or players who do disagree, we’ve had that discussion before. I’m just saying that it was one of the reasons that led to my departure). Doesn’t need to be resolved, Orcs will find a way. Improvise, adapt, and overcome, FOR THE HORDE (the good Horde, the fair Horde. Don’t believe me, Join me in Chunky’s Vindicators on Xbox and find out)
  • Watery/Carved: RESOLVED. Allegedly. Not necessarily resolved for all, and not exactly at this moment, but, this is my post, it was always resolved, it was merely a QoL issue, please see Skeleton key post above, I had found a way to overcome the issue. All I’m saying.

Thank you for your service @Saltypatra. You are the best. Not that it’s a competition. Everybody see Top Gun? Tom Cruise? Salty is number 1, Kafka is number 2. If one washes out, the other is there to Improvise Adapt and Overcome. Salty is my favorite, but I love (see above, PLATONIC-ally) them both. I love this game. I’ll shut up now. I missed you all so much.

Thank you for your service as well, @kafka. We the community make demands all the time, I feel at least in my case, I don’t give thanks, and I am being sincere, enough. Please thank the rest of the team on my behalf


There’s a new Horde rising. A happy Horde, a loving Horde. On the dawn of the fifth day, look to the East. We gonna rush on Gandalf hard. Use the light of the sun in our eyes against us? Not on my watch. No worries, we’ll hug it out after. Gl;hf, always.

Just a reminder of a bug with another useless card: [REPORTED] Haunted Guardian Spell - Wrong Wording (under Android) - #19 by Nullings .

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Is there any reason why the update 5.5 and 5.5.1 releases are announced as 1.5 and 1.5.1 for PS systems except a small typing error in the version number of the release? :wink:

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Not to be snarky, but my answer would be because they speak Australian, and sometimes crossing the equator, numbers get reversed. Is everyone familiar with the 10% EVK (Epic Vault Key) drop rate? (I’d post a link, but…my links are broken for the time being)

Eagle has landed: “Are you familiar with the works of Jung”. I am aware of Jung, I am not familiar with.

IANAN (I am not a Nazi), but I have watched movies depicting Nazis. And Germans under the rule of Nazis. History. Can’t delete it, those who don’t learn from it are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. I have a point, I will get to it eventually. I tend to ramble, I apologize. Thank you for your time.

As long as it doesn’t break the game for my brethren in the PS community, does it make a difference whether it is 5.5.1 vice 1.5.1? Honest question, does it?

If not, then, water under the bridge, hopefully. Knock wood.

Main reason I returned was to say, I like the new forum format, I don’t have an issue with it. It is easier for me to talk here, than say, the WoT (World of Tanks) format.

I used to be active on WoT, both as a Gamer and as a Forum poster, but I preferred Gems. I still do. I have not played WoT since and I haven’t returned to their forums since either. Maybe they have a moderating team as great as the ones we have here, idk.

I don’t get auto-notifications on the Tanks forum when ppl respond/“Like” my posts like I do here tho. And maybe I should be more forgiving, and give the new WoT game-play another chance.

IANAN, but I did prefer the German vehicles. I drove tanks of all nations, Russian, English, I waited for years for the Italian line to be released, it finally was on console. The Swedish line came out first, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Japanese. They were all fun to play, if anybody wishes to see my play history, I’ll provide a link.

Tiger II was my most played tank, I wanted to see if I could get the Commander to his max’d out rank. Update made it irrelevant.

To me, the Chinese, Czech, and Polish lines had a lot of duplication with the Russian lines. I already had unlocked various models of the Russians, why would I want to play with the same tanks over again? Why not introduce the Italians sooner?

If we had a Gamer organization that did something, maybe we as Tankers could have done more. Maybe we could do more to help alleviate the stress from a smaller organization such as the one Gems has.

Death threats are not fun. There are ways to track those down to the source. Mirrored IPs, hacker type stuff. Those things are beyond my knowledge, skills and abilities. (KSA). My KSA could be used for other works of good.

IANAQ (I’m not going to keep repeating acronym definitions). I was not aware of Q until, I forget the date…I’m a Gamer, chances are I was gaming, Q is not important to me, whatever.

I am not paranoid, I’m just saying: When I got to Peru as a MSG, my DetCmdr told me “The phones are tapped. We listen in on you. It’s possible other countries/organizations are listening as well. Be advised, and be aware as to what you say.”

Tl;Dr: I love this forum format, it is a lot easier for me to share. Death Threats are not fun, I’ve never received one. Hopefully nothing I said was interpreted as a DT.

I often speak with affectations from the Warhammer: Battle March game. Dis, dat, whatever. Those Orcs can be a bit more brutish and blunt than say, the Orcs from WarCraft or LotR. If I’ve offended anyone, today or in the past, let me know, I will apologize.

If I can provide physical security (I am a former Marine Security Guard) to our beloved community in Australia, let me know. Offer me a position, I am unemployed, as is my older non-Gems brother. Maybe we can work something out.

I am a dreamer too. I helped my Peruvian wife first get a Green card, and then become a US Citizen. I love my country; I fear for it; I am willing to do the work to make sure we don’t slip…but it’s a slippery slope.

Is there a interim and final Tl;Dr: I tend to ramble. It’s my nature. Other forums don’t have the “break break break”. Or if they do, I have not taken the time to learn them. I love this format. I just don’t like that I don’t see the Post number on the side, or the sliding bar so I can slide up.

As I mentioned before, it is not game breaking, and the response I got in the past was “We did not adjust the Forums”. Australian for “We did not remove Pet Gnomes from Arena.” It’s all good, all is forgiven. Thank you for letting me share.

IANAR; Kumbaya

Kumbaya is a calming word for me, always has been, I seldom use it, I never took the time to learn what it means. Non-Gems brother is heavy into religion, sometimes it feels suffocating. I don’t like feeling suffocated. We had a long talk this weekend because he sees me stressed. I often tune him out, but I actually listened.

I said Kumbaya and brought my hands and arms into my chest: he said it means let us come together. IANAR, but I am willing to culturally appropriate a word if it’ll make me calm, and help us all come together.

I typed for over an hour yesterday. Went to cut/paste, and muffed it. Deleted the whole thing. Out of old habits, muscle memory, I click Alt-z. But I’m on Mac/OS. Alt-z is MS. Undo no longer an option. One hour plus, gone. That was a Kumbaya moment.

Gl;hf, always. For the new Horde. :axe::slightly_smiling_face::shield:


I like the new forum format

Upon further review: I was a High School football and volleyball official, and a youth football official as well. Flag on the play, I mis-spoke, there hasn’t been a new forum format in a while.

I should have said “I am fine with the most recent or current forum format.” My bad. I always tried to see the ball, call the obvious, call plays which involved advantage/disadvantage, and player safety. I was never afraid to admit “I’m sorry coach, i muffed that one. I will try to do better next time.”

Instant replay helps, and yet there was immense push back until it was approved. Change is difficult, change can be scary. Exposing oneself to danger can be scary. I am not afraid. Except for clowns. They terrify me, no lie.

My non-Gems brother wanted to go watch Tyler Perry’s Halloween movie, the first one. “There better not be no clown in that box”. I would’ve punched it too, even if it was my brother, friend, enough said. Kumbaya, deep breaths Kirk. But I am not afraid to admit “I got that one wrong”.

Thanks again for letting me share. We can’t be afraid to have the difficult conversations. I should us I statements, but I would like more to join me. Opt out vs Opt in, goes against my philosophy. Freedom of choice; silence is a choice. Some say “Silence is Violence”. It is still a choice.

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I think on Playstation the updates are only counting up the numbers after 1.xx.
So the next updates will be will just add 0.01 to the Playstation Version, no matter if it will be 5.5.5, 5.6 or 6.0 in the Gems universe.

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I like Chunky’s answer :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But, Live has it correct. It’s just a coincidence that 5.5.1 is labelled as 1.51 under Sony’s standards :slight_smile:


But the question why 5.5 is labelled as 1.5 is not answered. Perhaps it is not important, but very confusing. :wink:

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It should be 1.50 = Update No.50 on Playstation. The Major Version (=1) has never changed.


@pewiha The official PlayStation 4 version of the game started with version 1.0 and for each release it is incremented by 0.01.

As far as I know this is a standard Sony practice which is different from the way we increment our versions at Infinity Plus Two.

Each platform has different requirements and official standards for our submission process which we follow and for Sony this is one of them :slightly_smiling_face:

Gems of War actually released on Playstation around a year after iOS (which was the first platform the game was released on), so Sony’s standard versioning practices weren’t a concern so early on when we originally started numbering our versions.

Hopefully, this explains it better.


It certainly does for me. Thank you and @live for taking the time to explain this, and thank you @Kafka for liking my explanation. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was talking with my good Friend @Magnusimus, today, and he helped point out all the times I failed to do my own research. I’ve been ranting and raging the past few days, and it was good to talk with him, and the “Like” from you felt just as good.