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(Resolved) Quests for hero class warlord not available

I´m not able to play the quests for hero class warlord because they are not available.

I´m playing gems of war on iphone with ios 12.0

Might seem like a silly question, but have you completed the kingdom’s questline fully?

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Yeah if I remember right you have to complete the Broken Spire quest line. It use to be the class everyone started with until the changes were done, now I’m not sure how it works.

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Hey @rexkremer

Are you still having this issue?
I checked your account and your quest progress looks fine now.
You should be able to access the Class in the Hero menu.

It´s no silly question ;).
And yes, i´ve finished it

I´m sorry, but it´s still impossible to do these quests.
The information in the hero menu tells me that i have to do the training quests to go further.
In the kingdom menu of Broken Spire is nothing else to do. I´ve finished 30 quests and that´s it.

@rexkremer I’ve manually unlocked the Warlord Class for you as you met all the requirements for it already.

Please go take a look now to see if it’s unliocked.

It´s unlocked.
Thx a lot!

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