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[RESOLVED] Cool looking bug

funny recolouring of main map makes it look like a documentary showing the expansion of Germany across Europe (the whole map turned red…with lava! :slight_smile: )

samsung galaxy s10 android

screenshots attached (i think…)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
visuals were normal, then it started downloading image files. when I went back to the home screen the green grass was red and blue water had turned to grey.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

just started this morning, but now other images are no longer appearing, like the hero image in battle or kingdom coat of arms on the map
Steps to make it happen again
not sure what makes it happen, as it hasn’t gone away yet. :wink:


That represents Global Climate Change.

This is what happens when Adana refuses to take steps to reduce their emissions.


I blame it on not having medals equipped.

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You’ve been killing lots of orcs this week!

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I thought it was the seas that were supposed to run red with blood…?

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I’m glad the blood soaked fields of my homeland could bring a smile to my new community XD.

if you would like to stay, please consider visiting some of our unique landmarks, like the lava plains to the east and the only slightly depressing views from our monochrome beaches. :wink:


problem solved itself when I closed the app. I logged back in and there was a download of assets, then everything was back to normal.

I kind of miss it, noticed that in the underworld tinkertown was flooded with lava, actually made the place look a little more lively and scary for Halloween… :wink:

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In future when these sorts of issues happen, we recommend restarting your app or seeing if your data is out of date. :slight_smile: