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Cliffy errors, the worst week to get them, and of course its GW week.

So i lost the rewards of invasion match and the valtower? Buy more season pass i guess. If the servers are getting overloaded reduce the amount of events.


Nice thinking! The developers/publisher have a job offer for you, but first you need to make a deposit on their bank account. :skull: (<- You’ll have to forgive me, but skeletons/skulls are "blinking handicapped"… So you just have to use your imagination here.)


The campaign seems like a kick in the teeth to everyone participating in it now.
Yeah, we got the bonus stats, then numerous errors all weekend (during a GW week especially) made this redundant when randomly losing battles/rewards.

Of course, the devs couldn’t even be bothered checking in once whilst all this was going on, just sitting on their arses counting all the extra revenue made from those that bought Elite passes.


Maybe we will get some announcement from them with apologies for the issues that probably are not related at all with the campaign. Then, the Order of Forum’s White Knights will ride to attack anyone who DARED to complain about this. :skull::+1:


We’re looking into this, we’ll reply once we have more information.
Thank you for reporting it (especially the people who included screenshots of the error they received).

Also please note that a CLIFFY error is just an error which alerts the team to contact certain people to investigate it, so if you saw one 8 days ago it’s completely unrelated to this weekend’s issues and you should contact support about it if it wasn’t just a once off so we can fix that for you.

Unfortunately, last weekend one of our hosts had connectivity issues which is what caused it last weekend.

I’ve notified the team of this weekend’s issues, checked and can see our game servers were online over the weekend, so while I wait for the team to investigate the error messages I’m going to be looking around to see if there was a widespread issue over the weekend with a 3rd party.

Even though we don’t work on weekends, we do play the game to make sure the events run correctly, we didn’t encounter issues here. We also get notified if our game servers lag or go down so it can be handled on the weekend but there were no game server notifications.

I’ll get more information and get back to you - just wanted to be a bit transparent about our process now as it seemed there is obviously some frustration about these issues (completely understandable) and also thought it would be good to share some of our processes for how we cover issues over weekends.


Just got this in invasions. I lost my sigel :frowning:
Apx 11:40pm cst . Had just bought another tier too and this happened right after. It is counting as a loss. My tower count did not go up even though u can see I won the battle

I just had my first one. Going on 1am Eastern Sunday night. Was doing an Adventure Board battle

Exact same thing happened to me just now. Last sigil I had, 4 towers fewer added to my guild’s total :sob:

Thank you Kafka! Much appreciated to know you guys saw this thread and are looking into things.^^ :heart:

@Kafka just got a cliffy error from a tower of doom game and now my screen looks like this.

Edit: I have reinstalled the game and still have this issue, currently can not play ToD at all.

First received this error

Then after clicking on the first error, received another cliffy error

FIX THIS CRAP NOW!! We don’t need a new layout for the daily adventure, we need to stop getting screwed out of gw wins, doom sigils and annoying game errors!

Just got a bad gateway error when collecting ToD reward 12 and got nothing…
Heu devs stop being greedy and try to make your game working correctly.

Had a delightful CLIFFY error on the first room of the first floor in ToD yesterday. Now, I know a lot of people called Cliff and for the most part, I like all of them, but I REALLY dislike it when CLIFFY interrupts my gameplay!!

The team are still working on this but you should be seeing less errors than before.
If your Tower of Doom is broken please contact support using this link:

We’ve sent some global compensation even though not all players were affected, hopefully this helps everyone a little and their guild mates.

We will review this again once there’s more progress on the issue.


@Kafka what about my lvl12 reward i didnt receive ?

I had some cliffy errors too. One after my final delve battle. I didn’t get the chest rewards.

How’s that cliffy error hunting going?

Thanks for reporting all the CLIFFY errors. We have made a series of changes and they should (fingers crossed!) leave you alone for a while.

If you see any moving forward please let us know.


Thx for not leaving us on a cliff-hanger. :wink: lol
Yes, they seem to have gone away now. ty ty for all the hard work on this issue!^^ :yellow_heart: