[Not a bug] Guild Wars battles crash with Cliffy error

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I will be expecting to be able to participate in Guild Wars, after all community concerns to schedule it in a supposedly broken state were entirely ignored. Unfortunately, I will be getting Cliffy errors after each battle, similar to what happened on Switch 3 weeks ago, where similar community concerns were also entirely ignored.

Steps to make it happen again
Wait till next week, attempt to participate in Guild Wars.

Additional information
It takes a lot of time and effort to coordinate Guild Wars, even prior to the week it runs in. It’s extremely disappointing that this time and effort ends up wasted, because the Customer Experience Team is entirely absent from the game, despite claiming to be viewing and responding to issues on a daily base. Rescheduling a known broken event in a timely manner isn’t some heroic achievement, it’s on par with flushing the toilet. Kindly do the needful.


There is no GW. They already informed that the system requires a date for the schedule and the devs were supposed to postpone again when the deadline arrives and they keep messing up. It’s one more thing that they need to fix but are more concerned with new releases.

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Quite the contrary, there is a GW. Because one has been set up to happen, then explode in a flaming ball of excrement. The support team may have asked the developers to reschedule it. The developers may have asked the managers to reschedule it. The managers may have decided they couldn’t care less about anything not related to drawing poop emojis. Whatever may have happened in the background, one thing didn’t happen so far, GW getting rescheduled.

For the record, we have been told repeatedly that the single point of truth is the information shown within the game. If it says there is a GW then we should trust there is a GW, no matter what other unreliable sources may suggest.


This is what NS users faced as well. There is no way for them to postpone GWs, so this issue will most likely keep happening until the game mode is fixed.

I worry about them changing guild wars though. It’s most likely going to involve new scoring (like how the new victory points work), along with other things like restrictions or even talismans to make the game mode feel completely different. They most likely will not even give us a preview before it’s too late as most of our feedback goes unnoticed anyway.

All we can do is wait and see. And have a drink or two. Or three.:beer:

My advice is if GW proceeds as scheduled and you’re not sure if it’s fixed or not, play one battle BEFORE upgrading any of your sentinels. That way, you won’t waste your resources if the Cliffy bug is still present. Also pay attention to in-game chat, forums, Discord, etc to see if any other players report getting Cliffy errors after GW battles. If any such reports exist, don’t upgrade your sentinels.

It’s trivial on a technical level, they just need to change a single date field in their event scheduling. Unfortunately, that requires them to talk with each other, which is a skill they have apparently perfected avoiding the past years. I’m not sure what their communication channels look like, I guess they attach some Post-It to their fridge at home and expect team members to break in and read it.


I think it’s just a poor excuse for them to not cancel guild wars until further notice. Problems like the cliffy error will keep showing up, and then they will have to waste time explaining the situation or fixing more bugs. It doesn’t make any sense.

Many players don’t visit the forums or just want to relax, and it leaves them confused and frustrated for no reason. Inactions like this leave me very sceptical of whatever they are cooking up in the kitchen for guild wars.:rofl:

It’s a disguised excercise in creative writing. “You are faced with a problem, that could be easily solved. Create an explanation, why it is not a problem at all.”
Thinking with horror back to Kafka’s “explanation”, why an underspire corridor, that is limited to six rooms, can have a higher number of rooms.

… And I am still convinced, his claim to work in the same office as development and being able to talk to them is nothing but another lie. Just like he claims to be a top ten player. Or the “intensive testing”, that alledgedly takes place before every update.

P.S.: If the habit of making up ridiculous stuff wasn’t so persistent, I could as well imagine it to be a legacy account, that gets passed on to a new intern every three months.

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Please don’t abuse the bug report section. Thread locked.

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