Guild wars getting kicked (Fixed)

The last two guild wars I have got a error after winning the first match. It kicks me off and makes me rest the game . In result I loose the first round .

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Working as intended. That will happen from time to time.


This happened to someone in my guild today too. Cliffy code is different on their SS though.

How is getting kicked from a competitive match and losing a fight that you probably won “working as intended”? I am sure that many of us have suffered losses in similar erroneous circumstances but that’s yet another bug/server issue associated with the game. Perhaps a little investment would be appropriate to eradicate the “servers are experiencing degraded performance” message that often accompanies Sunday play.

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I might be wrong. I am just taking a guess. Some tool that uses the game server’s API (like Taran’s guild site) could have triggered an instantaneous update of the dataset - like current week’s stats of the guild members. When such a trigger happens, I have observed that my game app goes out of sync with the server and demands a restart of the game. This tool has been provided to guild leaders and moderators with clear instructions not to be used in the middle of someone’s GW battle.

Kindly do not read this as if I intended to call out anyone’s name here. And I acknowledge that we all love Taran’s work.

Hm well I suppose you could say the error code is intended if there is an issue but the issue is not :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

The “CLIFFY” error is a unique error code generated for each incident that occurs with a certain type of connection issue and usually allows our team to look into the specific cause of the problem. There have been other reports of this overnight so I’ve added the issue to the known issues list and will follow up with the team. Sorry about that. :frowning:

If you experienced the problem please reach out to support here quoting the error code if possible.

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I had the same freaking thing happen! No reward, AND it counted as a LOSS!!

This is the error code someone got in our guild today @Cyrup

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Good thing the patch didn’t come out yesterday. Because people were scared of GW being bugged. :roll_eyes:
Jokes on them. Bug Wars doesn’t need a patch to Frank folks over.

It happened again . I shut down my ps4 after it happened first time . Let it restart and load . Then walked away for a few hours. Came back started guild wars happened again ! Same code and everything. Lost two matches in one day. I am the top player for the guild , in guild wars. Now I will have a tough time getting the points we need to win for the day. 46,00 to 56,000 and I lost two now from this error ! Grr !!!

Happened again after I restarted and waited a few hours . Now lost two out of five that I actually won ! Wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t the Paragon, two matches only 2,000 points !

Ok just tried again and it counted as my third loss ! Guess I cant play GW ! Would be nice to get it fixed and maybe wins for the Guild . Not like 27 other people are counting on me or anything!

@awryan please don’t derail the topic.

@veggiegirl89 Can you please quote the exact error code? And what is your invite code?

@Tecjr What is the error message you are getting this time?

I’m sorry this happened :frowning: The team pushed out a fix for this CLIFFY error issue occurring in Guild Wars about an hour ago. If you aren’t getting a Cliffy error it might be another problem.

I did not try to derail. I took a screen shot on the first one not the other 2 . Didnt look but figured it was the same message . I know it was a cliffy error I did see that much . Just didnt see what the numbers after were. Tecjr_tesi

This should now be fixed :slight_smile: I’ve sent some general compensation. Otherwise, I’m sorry but I can’t reimburse for guild war scores :frowning:

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Thank you . I will check again in the am . Thanks for a imediate response .

I was able to sign in this AM and play GW . Thank you @cyrup . The first player I played was a different team , yesterday the first player had 3 people . Today was a different team and a full roster for them. Once again thanks for the fix @ Cyrup

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I didn’t do the fix but I will pass on your thanks! Not a problem