Request: some different way of sorting the Kingdom Banners

I’ve been playing for several years now (since about 2.0.1) and, maybe I’m just dumb, but I still don’t know which Kingdoms have which banners. As such, the banner system is still painful (since it’s sorted alphabetically and you can only see at most 3-4 at a time). I would love to see this redesigned in some way that makes it easier to find exactly the right banners for the team I’m building.


And/Or a simple filtering system, such as can already be applied to troops, weapons, and pets, with an additional color row for the minus color. For example, setting yellow and red mana at the top, and “all colors” in the second row, would give you Banner of Progress, Dragon Banner, and Lantern Banner, while setting yellow and red and “any colors” would net any banners with a bonus to red or yellow. Setting brown as the bonus and purple as the penalty would net you Kraken Banner and Bear Banner. Simply typing Lion or Leonis in the keyword search would give you Lion’s Banner, from Leonis Empire.