Request: Sort banners alphabetical

Could you please sort the banners alphabetical?
That would already make it easier to navigate the screen…

Of course, it would be even better if I could click the current banner itself, and have a little list of banners pop up in the bottom half of the screen. Either an overview with miniature versions of the banners, so I see them all at once, or the same height as up top, but then next to one another with a scrollbar under it, so I can quickly scroll left/right to find the one I’m looking for.


Or by color:



I think the best answer would be to show all the banners, then let you choose one mana color at a time, eliminating the ones that don’t match.


Yes I will agree to this. The banner selection could be improved rather than cycling. As mentioned above, select color and show only banners of said color.

I would prefer some kind of sort by color, but also add a faded effect that shows the next 2 and previous 2 banners.

Or simply do what they did when the game 1st launched and have it as showing 12 banners at once with a small side scroll to get to the rest.

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Option A: expandable list

Option B: color filter

Option C - a whole new page/tab that would show whole list of banners

Option D - somehow mix the color filter with an expandable list (not sure how yet)


It seems most efficient to have a close to full screen page for banner choosing. The final choice could still be shown as is on the current “bonus” screen.

Once you pick one color, there are 6+ (whatever number of banners with negative effects contain that color.) That’s currently a max of 10. Seems reasonable considering I think it used to show 12 at a time.

Or you can make people choose two colors before displaying the choices. That limits it to a max of 3 results right now, certainly a small enough list to show.

Sorted at all would be a billion times better than unsorted, but sorted by color would be a billion times better than sorted alphabetically.


i think it is sorted by kingdom release date